Energy Prices Shoot Up in Austria

As the economy recovers, demand is driving energy prices up – increasing heating bills as well as the cost of other goods and services. Austria is encouraging people to heat homes with renewables.

Park Life – Classic Cocktails and Wiener Modern

This summer, amid varnished wood and polished brass, the tree-sheltered Kleinod Stadtgarten behind the Kursalon could be the ideal place to see and be seen.

A Battle of Wills Over Possible School Closures in Austria

With sky-high coronavirus levels among children and youth, virologists and educators differ on possible school closures.

How To Celebrate Thanksgiving in Vienna (Despite Lockdown)

Just because you're a long way from home doesn't mean you can't enjoy Thanksgiving in Vienna - even during a lockdown.

Talks About Nuclear Inspections in Iran “Without Result”

Despite all efforts, the negotiations and talks about nuclear inspections were without result. Inspectors have not been given access to IAEA surveillance cameras and to a workshop for uranium centrifuges for months.

319 Femicides in Austria Within One Decade

New research says most victims know the perpetrators - and usually have family ties. Perpetrators need to be punished "with the full force of the law", stated Minister for Women's Affairs Susanne Raab.

Covid on November 15-21 | Fourth Lockdown, Boosters for Everyone

The coronavirus is shaping our lives. Here’s what happened in regards to COVID-19 in Austria in the week of November 15-21 2021.

Third Shots and Boosters Against COVID-19 – What You Need to Know

With record-breaking numbers of new cases, it’s time for everyone to get their first, second and third jabs.

Get Your Booster Shot Now!

On Sunday, Metropole brings you a COVID-19 update from Prof. Dr. Florian Krammer, an Austrian virologist who works and teaches at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York City.

Covid on November 8-14 | Lockdown for Unvaccinated, Boosters, New Rules

The coronavirus is shaping our lives. Here’s what happened in regards to COVID-19 in Austria in the week of November 8-14 2021.

The Black Box of Media Funding in Austria

Print media received unprecedented public advertising during the pandemic, but a lack of transparency raises questions about how taxpayers’ money is being spent.

Graz: Where it’s Easy Being Green

Regarded for ages as the modest cousin of the great Habsburg capital, Graz, despite its charm, was used to keeping a low profile. Thrown into the s...

Fall 2021 | Prost!

In our 44th issue we take a look at how drinking culture keeps shaping Vienna and Austria. We focus on the producers and purveyors in the city, the s...

How To… Become an Austrian Sommelier

Becoming a self-taught wine writer is easily more fun than covering city hall or the sewer district.  Still, as my articles on local wines and v...

Where to Find the Best Bosnian Pita in Vienna

The savory smell of pita takes a lot of Bosnians back to their childhoods. The scent of this traditional food reminds us of better days, carefree memories, and pleasant meals with family and friends.

Let’s Speak Bosnian! – Šprehati bosanski!

Derived from German “sprechen”, “šprehati” is colloquial Bosnian for speaking, one of many borrowed words that are now a vital part of the Bosnian language.

Nina Kusturica – Filming Migration Stories

Austro-Bosnian director Nina Kusturica has put the issues of displacement on film, while challenging the orthodoxies of entrenched power.

The Struggle to Preserve & Promote the Bosnian Language

The Bosnian language is still not sufficiently recognized as an important mother-tongue in Austria. A linguist wants to change that.

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How to Get Married in Vienna

Looking to get married in Vienna? Here's our straightforward guide to tying the knot in the “City of Dreams.”

Divine Providence | Stift Klosterneuburg

Tending vineyards for over nine centuries, Stift Klosterneuburg believes that good wine needs passion and patience.

Nationwide Lockdown Begins Monday; Mandatory Vaccines from 2022

Austria announced a nationwide lockdown starting Monday, as well as the introduction of mandatory vaccines from 2022.

Corruption Probe Continues: Former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz’s Immunity Lifted

Parliamentary immunity was lifted for Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP), under investigation for alleged bribery and corruption in the tabloid scandal.

The Business of Exporting Austrian Wines

By fine-tuning their methods, the Austrian Wine Marketing Board is expanding the market, while Brexit and Covid rein in success in the UK.

Vienna’s Business Immigration Office Helps Foreign Workers Get Residency and Work Permits

The City of Vienna has brought MA 35, AMS and the Vienna Business Agency’s Expat Center under one roof in what consultant Friedrich Bruckner calls a major “cultural shift”.

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