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good life

The Good Life or “a” Good Life, are Concepts About as Easy to Define...

Vienna regularly tops the rankings of the world’s most livable cities. But as much as anything, it’s about attitude For the mild-mannered “Zettlpoet” Helmut Seethaler, The Good Life entails pasting tiny poems on Vienna’s trees...
Vienna design history

The Turbulent Times of Viennese Design

In Vienna, with so much arts and culture, design may seem like an afterthought. In fact, it's all around us, shaping how we live, eat and dress The starched fabric rustles as it’s straightened, a...

Unlikely Wanderlust and the Austrian Appetite for Adventure

Exploring the Austrians’ love for traveling In early 2009, five months pregnant, I listened in astonishment as my Austrian guy announced he needed to travel to Tibet for a project that involved mountain climbing. I reported this to my...
gay in Austria

Has There Ever Been a Better Time to be gay in Austria?

The LGBT scene has experienced a surge of acceptance in Austria, but it took a while to get here and equality is not yet a reality. Tall and tan and young and handsome, the boys crowding...
vienna ice cream

The Inside Scoop: Vienna’s Best Ice Cream This Summer

With legions of purveyors of frozen treats, Vienna screams for ice cream. by Catherine Hooker & Conrad Smith In a city so enamored with sweets, it’s no surprise Vienna loves its ice cream: Ever since Italian confectioners...

We Found Vienna’s Best Krapfen

We canvassed the town to bring you the best of Vienna’s Krapfen selection. In Vienna, it seems that sugary confections beckon from every bakery's shop window and grocer’s aisles. The Konditorei (confectioner) near my apartment reminds...
Thanksgiving Vienna

How to…Celebrate Thanksgiving in Vienna

Just because you're a long way from home doesn't mean you can't enjoy Thanksgiving right here in Vienna For many Americans, Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday. A time to reunite with one's family, without all...
Craft beer Vienna

Craft Beer in Vienna

Finding a decent pint in Vienna is not a challenging task. However, with the advent of craft beers and microbreweries, a certain snobbery regarding hops and malt has become pervasive. While most of us...
gluten free

A Guide to Gluten-Free Vienna

I got sick and tired of constantly asking Viennese waiters, "Is this gluten-free?" So I put together this gourmet's guide to worry-free, gluten-free Vienna Schnitzel, dumplings, and vitrines teaming with tempting pastries are omnipresent in...