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Metropole’s Top Five Brunch Spots in Vienna

Where to go on a lazy Sunday

vegan vienna

5 Places to Taste Vegan Vienna

It’s not the culinary stereotype one immediately associates with Vienna, but the vegan vittles of this schnitzel-focused city are not …


The Kaffeemuseum – a Time Capsule of Vienna’s Coffeehouse Culture

The Kaffeemuseum presents the city’s long-standing love affair with caffeine through tours, courses and countless artifacts from yesteryear.


The New Sobriety – Non-Alcoholic Bars in Vienna

Sobriety: Juice pairings, sober bars, 0% rum – the range of sophisticated non-alcoholic beverages is growing. Is society changing? Or is it just a fleeting trend?


The Business of Austrian Wine: Traditions Reinvented in a Post-Pandemic World

After months of closed restaurants and distancing measures, Austrian vintners are regaining their footing, adapting to modern sales tactics during the year of COVID-19.


How To… Become an Austrian Sommelier

Becoming a self-taught wine writer is easily more fun than covering city hall or the sewer district.  Still, as my …

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Living in ViennaSlang

Word of the Week: Watschen [ˈvaːt͡ʃn̩]

What does Watschen mean? How is this Viennese slang word connected with an infamous German anti-aircraft gun and the Italian word for cymbal?

Living in ViennaSlang

Word of the Week: Marie [maˈʁiː]

A popular Viennese slang term for cash, similar to the English “bread” or “dough.”

Living in ViennaSlang

Word of the Week: Brillenschlange [ˈbʁɪlənˌʃlaŋə]

In Vienna, this the unflattering expression for someone who wears corrective lenses; the German equivalent of “four-eyes.”