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Austrian Politics

Austrian Democracy: The Consensus Machine

From Proporz to Verhaberung, participation and influence in Austria go far beyond the walls of Parliament to find an "Austrian solution".  By Margaret Childs & Benjamin WolfWe just moved in,” she said, ushering me into...
nostalgia vienna

The Nostalgia Trap: How There has Never Been Just one ‘old Vienna’

In every age, the pressures of change in Vienna have stirred a longing for better times gone by, often more imagined than real, but nonetheless central to our idea of who we areIn November...
austria central europe

Siblings Reunited: How Open Borders are Reconnecting the Central Europe Family

Austria shares a rich history and culture with its Central European brothers and sisters. Now that borders have disappeared, the region is once again thriving as oneFamily relationships are always complex – layers of...
good life

The Good Life is as Easy to Define as Love or Justice

Why Vienna tops the rankings of the world’s most livable cities is about attitude as much as anythingFor the mild-mannered “Zettlpoet” Helmut Seethaler, The Good Life entails pasting tiny poems on Vienna’s trees and...

Grätzl | Stadtpark: Central Perk

For all the rolling Prater meadows and vineyards in the Vienna Woods, green space in the city center is in short supply – were it not for the Stadtpark (city park), popular as ever...
Bermudadreieck Vienna

Grätzl | Bermudadreieck: History and Hard Drinking

Ominously named after the mysterious navigational hazard that allegedly claims countless vessels in the Caribbean, Vienna’s Bermudadreieck (Bermuda Triangle) is an adventure, particularly on weekendsThe jocular nickname for the area between Schwedenplatz, Marc-Aurel-Strasse, Hoher...

Grätzl | Alt-Hietzing: Suburban Imperialism

On a warm Sunday morning in Alt-Hietzing, an elderly lady pushes her walker along the old wooden parquet terrace of Café Dommayer, a coffeehouse where dukes and duchesses strolled in days past. Famous in the...
stuwerviertel vienna

Grätzl | Stuwerviertel: A Neighborhood at a Crossroads

The Stuwerviertel is an anomaly, both more and less than meets the eye: Wedged in between the Prater, Mexikoplatz and Ausstellungsstrasse, it’s quiet, unimposing, with wide alleys lush with trees and venerable Altbau apartment...
grätzl vienna neustift am walde

Grätzl | Neustift am Walde: Town and Country

There’s no question: Vienna loves its wine and the traditions that go with it. And few areas of the city encapsulate Vienna’s enduring love for liquid cheer than sleepy, picturesque Neustift am Walde.Straddling the...