COVID-19 Boosters: Do We Need Them? And if So, When?

It’s too early to know for sure, but COVID-19 booster shots will likely be a regular part of our post-pandemic life.

Meet the New U.S. Ambassador to Austria

The Office of the Federal President has approved Victoria Kennedy as successor to Trevor D. Traina.

Promoting Central Europe’s Art Nouveau Legacy

Bound together by a common cultural heritage, an EU-funded project encourages cooperation and preservation within Danube River region.

The Government Tightens Measures as Infections Spike Due to the Delta Variant

Nightclubs will have tougher entrance restrictions, Vienna offers walk-in vaccinations. Starting on August 15, full immunization will be required for getting the “green pass.”

Covid on July 19-25 | Vaccines Highly Effective Against Delta Variant

The coronavirus is shaping our lives. Here’s what happened in regards to COVID-19 in Austria in the week of July 19-25, 2021.

Covid on July 12-18 | Higher Share of Europeans Than Americans Vaccinated

The coronavirus is shaping our lives. Here’s what happened in regards to COVID-19 in Austria in the week of July 12-18, 2021.

Rising Case Numbers in Europe Due to Delta, Mostly Young People Affected

On Sunday, Metropole brings you a COVID-19 update from Prof. Dr. Florian Krammer, an Austrian virologist who works and teaches at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York City.

Covid on July 5-11 | Cases Rising Again Due to Delta

The coronavirus is shaping our lives. Here’s what happened in regards to COVID-19 in Austria in the week of June 5-11, 2021.

Found in Translation

A host of independent publishers and translators are introducing some of Austria’s key literary voices to the Anglosphere.

Mosquito Coast

Paradise is not always what it seems when nature takes her revenge on the innocent.

Borderline Brilliant – Wine on the Frontier

Full of mini-mountains and Lilliput farmsteads, the Südsteiermark is Austria’s most unlikely wine growing region and well worth the trip.

A Newcomer Describes What Learning German Is Really Like – The Inside Story

Becoming Viennese means learning to understand everything from “Schau ma mal” to “Strudel mit Schlag”. But in truth, no one's experience is the same.

Syrian Community
Home Is Where the القلب Is

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Strangers Who Become Family

A story of opening doors and hearts – and how this can change many people’s lives.

How to Make Fattet Al-Makdous/Eggplant Fatteh

'Fatteh' comes from the Arabic language meaning crumble or lay bread over something.

Meet Mouddar Khouja, Secretary General of the Austro-Arab Chamber of Commerce

Mouddar Khouja first came to Europe in 1981. In 1985, he moved to Vienna, where he has been helping the Austrian-Syrian business community thrive.

The Magnificent Tastes of Syrian Cuisine

Centuries of Levantine hospitality have evolved into countless varieties of shawarma, falafel and kebab ... and much more.

Home Is Where the Herz Is

“Home Is Where the Herz Is” is an award-winning project by Metropole that aims to explore and celebrate Vienna’s diversity, giving voice to the 40% of Viennese who have a migrant background.

Teams from Vienna’s 10 largest communities with roots abroad will publish a magazine and digital content on Metropole and you’ll find us at events across the city.

Here are the communities and issues:

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The Pandemic Prompts Young People to Reclaim Public Spaces

After police dispersed a large gathering on Karlsplatz with riot gear, stakeholders seek to address the needs of Vienna’s youth.

Political Debate Around Austrian Citizenship Heats Up

A push by the SPÖ to simplify the path to becoming a citizen provokes strong reactions, with the ÖVP, FPÖ and NEOs opposed and the Greens receptive.

Austria’s Integration Ministry Takes Down “Islam Map” Amid Public Outcry

The controversial website has been temporarily removed after an incident involving the right-wing "Identitären" movement.

Herbert Kickl Takes Over Austria’s Far-Right FPÖ

Popular among party hardliners, the former interior minister and vocal Kurz critic assumes leadership following the sudden resignation of Norbert Hofer.

Vienna Appoints Its First “Scooter Sheriffs”

In response to numerous complaints about the rentable e-scooters, Vienna’s Economic Chamber is partnering with Lime to pilot a new initiative.

When Language Meets Identity Politics

As we see more gender fluidity in society, the discussion surrounding pronouns they choose to use adds further scrutiny to an already marginalized group

METROPOLE SURVEY 2020: relocating to and living in Vienna