The 2017 Vienna Energy Forum is open to the public, and yes, you may just witness history

From May 9th through the 12th you can be part of combatting global climate change in our fair city. The Vienna Energy Forum is taking place once again at the Hofburg Palace and the UN headquarters in Vienna and is open to the public. Every two years, the Forum aims to come closer the UN sustainable development goals and the objectives outlined in the Paris Agreement adopted in 2015. It brings together high-level government officials, policy makers, international civil servants and the public, to find answers to some of the pressing questions of our day:

  • How can energy development help fight poverty, guarantee food security, clean water and health?
  • How can urban spaces be built and developed sustainably, especially when it comes to access to water and infrastructure?
  • What innovative technologies can help us reach the sustainable development goals?
  • How can the transition to clean energy be made affordable, especially for low-income populations?

Growing an economy requires energy and even today, in 2017, the cheapest forms of energy are still hurting the environment. So how can the international community help support developing industries while still meeting the environmental objectives of the Paris Agreement? This big question is the main driver of the Forum, and presents a unique opportunity for Vienna residents to explore the high-level debates on this ever-pressing subject at various side events as well as the main sessions, free of charge.

Check out their events here, and space is limited so reserve your spot today!

This preview was published in cooperation with the VEF 2017 Secretariat

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