In our May issue, we teamed up with AustrianStartups to ask twelve Austrian founders to pick their local hero from the startup ecosystem.

Today we feature Durchblicker founder Reinhold Baudisch and his hero, Armin Strbac of Shpock.


Reinhold Baudisch / Durchblicker



Role: Co-Founder & Managing Director
What they do: Help consumers compare options, to save on insurance, banking, utilities and mobile phone plans.
Interesting fact: Durchblicker claims to save clients €2,000 in fixed costs per year.
News: 23% of all private households in Austria switched their energy provider with in 2015.


Armin Strbac is my hero, for combining boldness, endurance and smart decision-making.

“The app Armin co-founded, Shpock has been downloaded over 10 million times and is one of the hottest internationalization stories in the Austrian startup scene so far.

“His startup’s initial product flopped and instead of dying a slow death, the team pivoted radically to build and launch Shpock.

“Following this bold decision, the founders built a great team and began scaling, expanding to multiple countries and ­accumulating an impressive user base.

“In the crowded marketplace of online classifieds, Armin and his team have built an unparalleled system that stands out in terms of ease of use. To top it off, they exited in 2015 with one of the highest valuations in Austrian start-up history.”


Armin Strbac, Shpock

ArminStrbacRole: Co-Founder
What they do: Shpock is a flea market app for mobile devices.
Interesting fact: Before Shpock, Armin and Katharina founded The business didn’t get traction, so the small team retreated to discuss new ideas. One of them was Shpock.
News: Besides their core markets Austria, Germany and the U.K., Shpock recently launched in Italy. The Norwegian Schibsted Classifieds Media bought up 91% of Shpock shares in September 2015. (Source:



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