5 Ways to Enjoy Vienna this December – Besides Punch and Cookies

There are tons of great activities you can enjoy alone or with friends, even after the holidays end. Need some ideas? Metropole’s got you covered.

It’s easy to hang out in Vienna: It’s full of exhibitions, cozy cafés and Christmas markets, and you can easily pass your days just drinking coffee, Punsch and Glühwein. But if you still feel yourself coming down with the winter blues, never fear! There are tons of great activities you can enjoy alone or with friends, even after the holidays end. Need some ideas? Look no further, Metropole’s got you covered.

1. Take board games to the next levelactivities board games

Board games aimed at adults are more popular than ever, with games like Settlers of Catan capturing the mainstream. Even if your friends are only used to poker or uno, don’t count them out! With a little enthusiasm and competitive spirit, you’ll have your friends collecting natural resources and building imaginary roads, settlements and cities in no time. Not ready to host a game night at your house? Fortunately, Vienna has several venues that let you test, borrow, or purchase brand new or classic games, usually offering snacks and drinks as well.

Our favorites are the following:

2. Take a stab at ice skating

Wiener EislaufvereinMany cities offer ice skating in the park, but few have as gorgeous a backdrop as the Wiener Eistraum, right in front of the the neo-gothic town hall. Several ice paths branch off the main square into Rathauspark, where the trees are bathed in lights, creating a romantic winter wonderland that’s hard to top. Somewhat less romantic but way more spacious, the Wiener Eislaufverein has maintained a rink over by the Stadtpark since 1901, offering a multitude of special events for children and adults like Soulful Sundays or a special New Year’s concert on Jan 1.

Tip: buy your ticket online to skip the queue and save some money.

Or if you want to have a short, but free session, show up half an hour before closing time, at 9:30 pm.

3. Conquer Karaoke – Sing your heart out!

singing activitiesIf you want to discover a different side of someone; invite them to a karaoke bar – you will unquestionably see (and hear) something new. Don’t be discouraged by any lack of musical talent – if worst comes to worst, you can probably still manage Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off. Either way, it’s not the voice that matters, but the attitude. Grab the mic, be heard, and enjoy the attention!

Pro tip: practice at home –  YouTube has countless videos with lyrics.

4. Bond over bowling

activities bowling

Whether you’re super-competitive or mega chill, bowling is a sport for everyone! Enjoyable either way, it’s perfect for socializing – whenever you’re not busy chasing spares, you can just hang out with your teammates. Easy to learn, it’s ideal for children and grandparents as well.

5. Hit the dance floor – from ballrooms to dark rooms

The great communicator, dancing can turn a room full of awkward strangers into a party – lift your spirit, start moving around, take up space! Whichever’s your preference – a waltz, a tango, or freestyle – you can find a place for it in Vienna.

(Foto credit: Opera Ball at the Vienna State Opera – © WienTourismus/Peter Rigaud/Couture Vivienne Westwood Vienna, Unsplash.com, Canva.com, Hal Gatewood, Unsplash.com, wienerweihnachtstraum.at)

Jusztina Barna
Jusztina Barna attended a bilingual English-Hungarian high school where her love for literature and linguistics was planted, further sprouting once she gained an English degree. In Vienna since 2016, she also studied German and Business Management and is currently preoccupied with the human side of technology and digital exclusion.

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