Metropole contributor Erin East shares some tips for great things to do with your baby in Vienna!

Getting out of the house with a baby isn’t easy. You plan the outing down to the minute so it doesn’t interrupt nap times. You feed your baby, change the diaper and pack a bag with just a few minor essentials (diapers, bottles, spitty rags, baby clothes, toys, snacks, more diapers and a clean top for you). You finally make it to the door. As you lock the door, keys in one hand, pram and baby in the other, you see spit-up on your top.

It’s alright, though. It kinda blends in. No one will notice. It takes precision timing and determination, but you make it out of the house — and Vienna rewards you for your perseverance. Here is but a sampling of things you and your little one can enjoy together.


1 – Exercise

Not just for moms, Kanga offers Papa-baby exercise classes, too!
Photo © Kanga/Nicole Pascher

There is no shortage of exercise classes in Vienna catering to parents with babies. Lyma in the 6th district and Freiraum in the 9th offer fitness classes that focus on gently restabilizing the core. SuperCycle in the 7th district combines cardio, tummy toning, strength training, yoga and dance into a 45-minute bike ride and also provides babysitting. Alternatively, you can exercise with your baby during the KangaTraining classes at Kanga, where you wear your little one in a baby carrier as you enjoy a total body workout.

In the warmer months, it’s time to get out and exercise with other parents in the city’s parks. MamaFIT and MUKI sport hold outdoor exercise classes where your pram transforms into a key piece of exercise equipment (helping you get even more value for the money you invested in your baby buggy).


2 – Culture

Mit Baby im Museum at the 21er Haus
Photo © Isabelle Köhler, belle & sass, Belvedere, Vienna

Museums are not just for tourists with their backpacks or art critics with their crisp, clean suits. They are also for strollers, nappies, babies and parents. During parent and baby hours you and your wee’un are VIPs at 21er Haus, the Belvedere and MUSA.

The Mit Baby im Museum hour-long guided tours at 21er Haus and Belvedere let parents enjoy a quiet museum visit with their babies and prams. Once a month the City of Vienna’s contemporary art gallery MUSA opens early for parents and babies. You can hear talks about the art while your baby crawls through the displays.



At MUSA gallery, babies have plenty of room to play
Photo ©Margot Pilz, MUSA


3 – Cafés

Mini and Me in the 9th District offers large indoor play areas and a café for parents.

Parents survive on love and caffeine. “Kinder Cafés” understand this. Near the Freud Museum in the 9th district, the children’s café and play space Dragonello has great coffee, two play areas and creative, wooden toys designed for role playing (Sigmund would certainly approve). Also in the 9th district, Mini and Me has large play spaces with soft mats and high-quality, eco-friendly toys. Further out, in the 18th district, is Mukusal Krabbel-Café, an adorable cafe with comfy seats and a large, light-filled play area perfect for babies and toddlers. In the 22nd district, KönigsKinder has activities, fabric for sale and the legal, addictive elixir of life — coffee. KönigsKinder even has babyccinos (ask for the Milch geschäumt kleine Tasse – foamed milk in a small cup).

Don’t count on a free ride though – many Kinder Cafés charge entry fees. Think of it like this: Once upon a time, you paid to get into exclusive nightclubs. Now, Kinder Cafés are where the party’s at.


4 – Relax at the movies

Pass the Popcorn, bitte! Baby Kino at the Votivkino
Photo © Erich Gerold / Roman Rainer

When was the last time you went to the movies? Votivkino and Lugner Kino host Babykino matinees, where the cinemas are dedicated to creating an atmosphere perfect for parent and baby. A comfy chair, lowered volume and a darkened room where no-one can see you napping — perfect. You just might get to see some of the movie too.


5 – Playgroups

Little Big Ones offers English-language singing and activities for parents with children aged 10-48 months (Photo courtesy Little Big Ones)

There is something special about playgroups. While you relax in the company of other parents, your baby can explore and socialize. If you’re tired, you can be tired. If you want to drink all the coffee, you can drink all the coffee. Well, maybe not, but you can be yourself. Every parent there is in the same situation. Playgroups are a great way to make connections, particularly for expats. The Vienna Babies Club organizes play dates for expat families with babies and young children. Membership is required. Their website also lists several other English-language playgroups.

The American Women’s Association Vienna also regularly host mums-and-bubs playgroups for members — you don’t have to be an American to join. The Women of Vienna Family Resource Facebook Group hosts regular get togethers for members. Bfamily, Freiraum and Little Big Ones run playgroups that combine play-based activities with coffee time for parents.


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Exercise classes


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Kanga Training
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LYMA Studio Wien
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MUKI Sport
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Baby Cafés


9., Berggasse 13
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Mini & Me
9., Sechsschimmelgasse 10
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Open 7 days: 9:30–18:00 (Closed in summer July 1 – Aug 30)


Mukusal Krabbel-café
18., Staudgasse 26 – Ecke Martinstraße
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Closed during summer, reopens Sept 4, 2017




American Women’s Association Vienna
1., Singerstrasse 4/11
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19., Grinzinger Straße 112 (in Q19 shopping center’s Lollipop Room Ida)
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Little Big Ones
9., Schulz-Straßnitzki-Gasse 14
Tel.: (0) 699 1162 82 50
Summer pause through Sept 18, 2017


Vienna Babies Club


Baby Cinema


Votivkino Babykino
9., Währinger Straße 12
Tel.: (01) 317 35 71
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Babykino at Lugnerkino
15., Tel.: (01) 985 26 00