Top 5 Viennese Musicians in Quarantine

Many performers have taken to the internet where they teach, play and release fresh content, keeping our spirits alive during the crisis. Here are some of Metropole’s favorites!

In the time of empty rehearsal rooms, closed concert halls and lonely bars, some of the City of Music’s many performers have taken to the internet where they teach, play and release fresh content, keeping our spirits alive during the crisis. Here are some of Metropole’s favorites!

1. Heidi Krenn

Educated in New York, singer, vocal coach and composer Heidi Krenn is giving online courses to support singers: Her free, 5-day “Jazz Singing Jump Start” on Facebook is a practical introduction to the basics of jazz vocals, while her 4-week series “Singing Jazz by Ear,” teaches the art of scatting. On her Facebook page, she also posts regular video updates, sharing tips and interesting facts about the human voice.

How your own judgement might keep you from singing better

Just came across this article 📰 and thought it was a fascinating read for singers 😮 🎶: Scientists have researched 🤓 why it is so hard for us to get rid of accents when learning a foreign language. ⭐ Why is that and why does this matter when we learn how to sing?⭐ How can you use this information to your advantage and improve your singing faster?

Gepostet von Heidi Krenn am Dienstag, 11. Februar 2020

2. Amelie Tobien

Conveying deep emotions with her smoky voice and pure, poetic style, singer/songwriter Amelie Tobien shares authentic experiences, accompanying herself on guitar and harmonica. During quarantine, she participated in several livestreams, including a 24-hour fundraiser for doctors that managed to raise € 2,000. Currently working on her debut album – scheduled for fall 2020 – her first single, “Rivers,” is already out.

3. Douglas Linton & The PlanBs

Providing Austrians with a powerful dose of classic Americana, Texan singer Douglas Linton and his PlanBs boast a mind-boggling (and foot-tapping!) mixture of soul, blues, gospel, rock’n’roll, and New Orleans rhythm. With their latest album, Gloryland, set to drop on May 22, and an album release party scheduled for Oct 30 at Sargfabrik, “Brother Doug” can’t wait to get back on the road!

4. Ödön Rácz

The first soloist of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and a member of The Philharmonics chamber music project, double bass virtuoso Ödön Rácz received a generous offer from the record label Deutsche Grammophon –play one day each month in the company’s studio, filmed by professional camera assistants. Gratefully accepting, he launched a series of “quarantine videos” on his YouTube channel, showing off his skill.

5. Kimyan Law

Also known as the Silent Grey Child, 25-year-old Kimyan Law creates music “for every pair of ears, regardless of their color, size or shape.” Reaching back to the roots of African music and embellishing his mixes with traditional motives, Law cooperates released his song Kaleido in April, for the project called Med Sschool: Graduation Various Artists.

Dóra Wohner
Dóra Wohner started studying in Vienna in 2015. She has a great passion for arts, literature, music and cultural studies. During her BA, she spent a term at Goldsmiths University of London. She is now an MA student of anglophone literatures and cultures at the University of Vienna.

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