7 Restaurants to Have Iftar This Ramadan

For Muslims, Ramadan is a time of contradictions and struggles: It’s a focus on the soul rather than the body by abstaining from nutrition and physical pleasures as well as any unkindness or ugly talk during the day. So there’s an inner struggle to reach a higher level of spirituality as well as trying to improve your own behavior.

Ramadan is also a month of togetherness, humbleness and bonding over iftar, the meal to break your fast. But the biggest struggle of all – what and where are you going to eat? 

Chebakia honey cookies with sesame seeds in a metal bowl made for the time of ramadan for iftar

Metropole has listed 7 places for you to have a great iftar.

1. Quicky’s – Burgers and More

As we bumped into a visiting chef from Dubai on our hunt to find a good iftar, we asked him about his recommendation: “During Ramadan you suddenly feel the craziest cravings. Just like you’re a pregnant woman. If you are getting sick of any harira or other traditional food, I would just go get a burger.” In the 9th, you can do exactly that: grab a halal burger at Quicky’s on your way home until 10pm with a friendly staff offering you water and dates to break your fast.

2. Elissar

Known as a restaurant with nice décor and good quality food, there have been some complaints of not always welcoming staff. Despite that, tables are full during Ramadan and once you do get seated, staff makes sure your every wish is fulfilled with occasionally putting extra offers on the menu this month in addition to the buffet. The decorated windows which give the feeling the sun is just coming up, are a nice touch to your evening.

3. Jasmin el Sham

Specially for Ramadan, there will be a buffet available in the evenings. For a small price you can eat till midnight. Beware, if you go to Jasmin el Sham to break your fast, it will be crowded. It sometimes happens that you have to sit at a table with strangers. That can be nice: after getting acquainted, you can quietly share a bite. People are usually a bit more social during iftar and the staff is very accommodating.

4. Indien Village

Open until 11pm but with a kitchen that closes an hour before, it might not always be ideal for an iftar. They do not serve special dishes for this month, but it is quiet later in the evening and the owner is very generous to his fasting guests by keeping the kitchen open –  enjoy your favorite Indian food in quiet.

5. Zaytouna

Hidden away in the third district, this gem might look small from the outside but once you walk through the doors a nice atmosphere greets with smiling waiters. The wide scale of appetizers on offer make it perfect for a group of people to share – you can also ask for smaller versions of the main-dishes. During Ramadan, Zaytouna goes the extra mile bringing you water and some sweets on the house.

6. Marriott Hotel

For the ones among us who are looking for a buffet in a classy atmosphere in the heart of Vienna, you can break your fast in style for €55 with Marriott, giving you a fancy night out without having to worry about closing times and halal meat. Or grab a cheesecake or halal chicken wings on your way back from prayers as they serve until midnight.

7. Kent

If you miss the bustling atmosphere from Istanbul with Ramadan dishes, a special iftar buffet is offered this month at Kent. The Turkish restaurant offers a wide variety of specialties across various locations, but also here iftar time is extremely busy. Making reservations a couple of days in advance is no luxury.


This article was originally published on May 13, 2019.

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