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9 Places to Go Skiing near Vienna

Skiing near Vienna. Thankfully, in Austria, powdered slopes are never far away! All the resorts mentioned are within two driving hours outside of town, making them perfect for skiing near Vienna. Some are relatively big and even include fun parks, while other ski resorts near Vienna feature a more basic ski lift+slope combo, which is perfect for complete beginners! Please check the weather conditions and whether the slopes are open beforehand!

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1. Schidorf Kirchbach – a beginner’s ski resort near Vienna

Located in Lower Austria, this small resort is perfect for kids learning the basics. There is also an 80-meter tubing slope, in case skiing is not your forte.

  • About 90 minutes away by car; public transportation is possible but impractical.
  • Consists of two ski lifts and two slopes that total 700 meters. Suitable for beginners.
  • An Adult day tickets costs €21, children and teens pay €17.
  • There is no ski rental next to the lift; however, you can rent skies close by. 

2. Jauerling – Maria Laach – great for family skiing close to Vienna

On the edge of the Wachau, Jauerling is perfect for a short family trip, featuring plenty of perks like parties, aprè-ski, and a free Ski Park for children!

  • About 80 minutes away from Vienna by car.
  • Via public transportation, it takes about 2 hours and 20 mins. Take the train to Melk, and then the bus to Jauerling.
  • There is one ski lift and one easy slope, about one kilometer long.
  • A full-day ticket for adults is €20; children pay €14.50 and teens €18.
  • You can rent equipment on the spot. 

3. Kalte Kuchl/Rohr im Gebirge – the inexpensive skiing option near Vienna

This region prides itself on having the first ski lift to open in Lower Austria. It is a small and cozy area good for beginners.  

  • Driving here from Vienna will take you 1 hour and 20 minutes, with no public transport option available.
  • There are two ski lifts and two slopes available; one is easy and the other is moderate, with a total length of 1.1 kilometers (0,68 miles).
  • An adult day ticket is priced at €9; it’s €7 for children.
  • You can rent equipment on the spot.

4. Arralifte Harmanschlag – small but fun

Yet another small skiing area in Lower Austria, but slightly bigger than the ones above. Their highlight is definitely the Punschhütte and its deck chairs, where you can enjoy a drink or two.  

  • A two-hour car ride will get you here, public transportation is unviable.
  • There are two ski lifts and five slopes for a total of 2.1 kilometres of easy and moderate difficulty.
  • A full-day ticket is €22 for adults and €16.50 for children.
  • There is no rent on the spot, but here’s a website that recommends the nearest rental possibilities. 

5. Aichelberglifte Karlstift – skiing in the north of Vienna

Up north in the Waldviertel, this resort has special offers for companies like discounts on ski passes and equipment rentals.  

  • Two hours away from Vienna by car; taking public transportation is not the best idea, as it would take three to four hours.
  • Two ski lifts and 6 slopes await a grand total of 8.6 km of  easy, medium, and challenging pistes
  • The Adult ski pass is €23.50, children pay €18.
  • There is no rent on the spot – the nearest recommended rental shop is 12 minutes away with a car. 
Watercolor painting of people skiing in a ski resort near Vienna

6. Annaberg – huge ski resort near Vienna

This is the real deal, with plenty of variety when it comes to pistes and gastronomy, including four restaurants and one ice bar!  

  • It will take you 1 hour and 40 minutes to get here from Vienna by car; with public transportation, it takes two and a half hours. A shuttle bus from Hauptbahnhof will comfortably make the trip in two and a half hours.
  • There are six ski lifts and 11 slopes for all skill levels, plus a fun park. The total skiing area is 12.5 kilometres.
  • Adult ski passes are priced at €35.50; children’s at €18.50, teens at €30, and senior citizens pay €29.50.
  • There is a rental shop close to the ski lifts. 

7. Unterberg Pernitz – The closest option

The closest ski resort to Vienna, Unterberg Pernitz has a little bit of everything.  

  • Only an hour away from Vienna by car; about 90 minutes with public transportation. Take the train to Wiener Neustadt Hauptbahnhof and then continue to Pernitz-Muggendorf Hauptbahnhof.
  • Four ski lifts and 10 slopes with a total of 16 kilometres of pistes for all skill levels are available, as well as a fun park for freestylers.
  • An adult ski pass for the whole day is €32; children pay €17, teens €24, and senior citizens €30.
  • The rental shop is located  next to the parking area and very close to the ski lifts. 

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8. Lackenhof Ötscher – Skiing and ski touring for all levels near Vienna

This ski resort near Vienna not only offers regular skiing but also ski touring. There is a fantastic route that leads to Kleiner Ötscher.  

  • A two-hour drive from Vienna will get you there; public transportation would require three hours, two trains, and two buses. 
  • There are six ski lifts and nine slopes of all difficulties for a total of 19 kilometers.
  • An Adult day pass is €38.50; children pay €22.50, teens €33.50, and senior citizens €37.
  • There are two rental shops next to the ski lifts. 

9. Stuhleck-Semmering – the largest ski resort near Vienna

The ultimate skiing day trip, this popular resort has the biggest skiing area and possibly the best infrastructure within easy distance from Vienna. However, please be advised that its popularity also means it tends to get overcrowded.

  • It’s a mere hour and ten minutes away from Vienna by car and just under two hours with public transport. Take the train to Mürzzuschlag and then the bus to Semmering.
  • There are 10 ski lifts and 26 slopes for all levels for 26 kilometres of pistes.
  • A day pass for adults is €44.50; children pay €22 and teens €39.
  • There are plenty of equipment rental shops in the area.

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