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The Burgtheater’s (im)Perfect Crib

Real time surtitles in German and English now make it possible for non-German speakers and the hard of hearing to enjoy Vienna’s greatest stage. But maybe you don’t need them.


International Press Institute | Mission to Hungary

Media freedom is under great pressure in Hungary where, since 2010, the government has systematically dismantled journalistic freedom and media pluraIism, achieving a degree of control unprecedented in an EU member state.

Hare Amber Eyes Hase Bernsteinaugen Ephrussi

The Ephrussis Are Back in Vienna

Once one of Europe and Vienna’s most famous Jewish families, expropriated and expelled by Nazi terror – the Ephrussis – are back in Vienna with a new grand exhibition.

The Sebastian Kurz Show

They love him or they hate him: Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is more notorious across Europe than most of his predecessors. Now he is taking over the EU presidency. This will be interesting.