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Metropole is an independent platform that helps international people to feel at home in a new city. It is the leading English-language media outlet in Austria.

With its magazine, events and guidance, Metropole has helped over 1 million people as they get settled, better their lives, save time and discover new things in Vienna.

We work to build a world in which diversity is valued and newcomers are given a fair chance to succeed. Subscribe now to bring us one step closer to making this vision a reality. 


Our Story

Metropole is the voice of international Vienna. What began as a monthly city magazine quickly evolved into a vibrant community that celebrates the city and gathers at monthly events to connect over politics, social trends, and entertainment, in cultural conversations and professional circles. Wherever you are, the key is to truly arrive, Metropole lets you just start living.

Metropole is the creation of a media family, co-founders Maggie Childs, CEO, and her mother, Dardis McNamee, Editor in Chief, who moved from the United States to Europe as a speech writer at the U.S: Embassy in the 1990s when Maggie was a child.

Maggie began working in media while still at university, for the Associated Press, Condé Nast and Wiley Publishing, among others. She noticed that every time people move – no matter who they are – they’re bound to feel lost. You leave a place that is familiar for unchartered territory.

Maggie Childs

The city of Vienna alone is home to almost 600,000 people without an Austrian passport. That’s one in three – most of whom pay taxes and cannot vote. They need a medium that speaks on their behalf. Metropole was founded to bring international voices and views into the local conversation and fight the fear of “the other.”


One of the highest barriers to integration is language. Metropole believes that no one should have to wait until they speak German to begin to understand, enjoy and contribute to the city. By “living” in Vienna, Metropole readers become a critical part of it – socially, economically and culturally. Their diverse heritage enriches the city, making it more stimulating, more contemporary, innovative and experimental. Metropole readers bring the rich culture from 40 different countries to the life of the city.

Metropole is published by Home Town Media, a name that comes from a great thinker who a century ago, set the tone for the art of living internationally: Gertrude Stein. When asked if living abroad meant she was no longer a true American, she replied, “America is my country. Paris is my hometown.”

With Metropole, Vienna will become yours. Subscribe now to get one step closer to making this a reality.