Advertorial | Democratizing the Financial Markets

Everyone’s talking about blockchain – that mysterious new technology inherently linked to cryptocurrencies. The more it seeps into the public debate, the more we focus on its implications for society in general.

We’ve seen that digitalization empowers the crowd, the power of the crowd lies in participation and participation is a fundamental pillar of democracy. But to participate, we need transparency, otherwise how would we know how, when and where to get involved? That’s where blockchain comes in. Believe it or not, one company has taken this logic to the next level with its Initial Coin Offering.

By introducing blockchain technology into the alternative finance market, it will democratize the participatory process even more. Daniel Horak and Paul Pöltner, the two founders of the Austrian crowdinvesting platform CONDA ( claim that with this ICO, they will “revolutionize the alternative financial market.”

Fact 1

What’s Happening

CONDA is doing an ICO. Pre-sale for the CRWD Token began in December 2017, garnering an overwhelming response from investors. Building a blockchainbased solution and undertaking a complex process like an ICO means opening oneself to the public.

Fact 2

No Boundaries for Participation

Crowdinvesting is aimed at erasing geographic and fiscal boundaries. This is possible by establishing the lowest and fairest rates for investing across countries and currencies. As transactions are quick and easy, the investment process should be the same, regardless of a user’s currency or country.

Fact 3

People Crave Security

With the rise of the alternative financial market, more and more questionable and unsafe platforms are popping up. Investors feel an increasing need for secure solutions and transparent conditions. Instability is the enemy of democracy.

Fact 4

Dezentralisation Means Full Transparency and Security

Blockchain works by way of decentralized networks. By introducing blockchain technology, processes become more secure and transparent, and being part of the crowd becomes safer than ever before. Safe conditions are fundamental to democratic engagement.

Fact 5


The crowd’s activities define the demand for and thereby the value of the cryptocurrency. Investors receive so-called bonus tokens based on their activities on the decentralized platform.

Fact 6

Constant Innovation

The money raisedduring the ICO will be reinvested into the expansion of blockchain-based solutions and technological improvements to make participation even more transparent and secure. Democracy is in constant motion, baby!


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