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07:00Philips Hue_Smart Home Lighting_Wake Up

In the morning you wake up to a warm sunrise mood emanating from your Philips Hue system. It connects wireless lighting throughout your house, controlled via WiFi from your smartphone. You programmed it to wake you up when and in just the way you like.


In winter you might also get ready next to a daylight lamp to get that much-needed energy boost in the morning. Science has shown how important light is for our circadian rhythms.


You drive to work and use the office parking garage. The light here is not on full power all the time.  As you drive through, bright light moves with you through the garage. Behind, it dims to 30%, still bright enough for safe visibility.

Philips Hue_Smart Home Lighting_Sprachsteuerung Siri09:00–17:00

At the office you can control the light in your office and conference room individually through your mobile device. Say you need to concentrate on a difficult task, bright white light would be best. But if your team is brainstorming, a different lighting mood is just a tap away on your smartphone.


You get a text message from your spouse. The guests you invited will be arriving today and “Could you pick up some groceries on the way home?” You get the shopping list sent to your smartphone.

18:00Connected light_Indoor Positioning and Navigation

The supermarket is one of the big ones, about 3,000-4,000 m2. They have a great selection, but finding your way is difficult. You whip out your phone and the store’s app shows you where the items on your list are, thanks to coded rays of LED light communicating with your smartphone and navigating you through the store like an indoor GPS.  As you’re choosing a red wine, the app suggests a certain cheese to go with it.

21:00Philips Hue_Smart Home Lighting 1

After dinner, you and your guests move to the living room to look at photos from a recent vacation on your tablet. As you swipe through, the Philips Hue system adopts the light mood from the photos.




Light is Life

Aerial View Of Illuminated City Street At Night
© Philips

This all exists today, indoor navigation, green parking and personalized lighting systems. Light technology is enhancing our everyday lives, but even on a greater scale, it’s changing towns and cities.

In Vienna, we see Philips LED on Mariahilferstraße, on the Danube Island, and in the new smart city project Seestadt Aspern. Philips has taken it to the next level by integrating the LED lighting systems into Connected Lighting. These systems can be found in the Austrian town of Knittelfeld. On a grander scale Philips worked together with SAP to integrate the system in “the Paris of South America,” Buenos Aires.

Today, 54% of the world’s population lives in cities. At the same time, cities consume 78% of the world’s energy. Overcoming the challenge of saving energy and streamlining operations will play an integral role in illuminating a sustainable future.

For more information visit philips.com/lighting

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