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It will be easy for archaeologists of the future to work out what matters to us today.

The Egyptians honored the dead with their pyramids, the Romans city infrastructure with aqueducts, Victorians valued mobility with railways. And we have larger than life steel and glass boxes of desks, whiteboards and water coolers.

The office is our second home. We spend more time with our co-workers and bosses than with our families. Over the past century, ideas about the design of this important space have evolved from striving for pure efficiency, to bringing out the best in the employees through staff-conscious designs.tumblr_luf7d6TKj01qzvxbko1_1280

Taylorism (1890s-1910s)

This theory of management was conceived of by American engineer Frederick Taylor. Efficiency and oversight was at the core of what is credited as one of the first “designed” office spaces. Workers were crowded together in an open space while their superiors looked on from private offices.

russia-95311Bürolandschaft (1950s-1960s)

Eberhard & Wolfgang Schnelle were influenced by the socialist values of the time and developed the “office-landscape.” The aim was to encourage communication and collaboration by putting all levels of staff on one floor. Screens and potted plants completed the “landscape.”

Cubicles (1960s-1990s)immofinanz adv

Bürolandschaft inspired Robert Probst to create furniture for the new European workplace philosophy.  Action Office was the first modular system, using low partitions and flexible desk surfaces. With the rise of middle management came a need for sufficient privacy at an efficient price. This sea of modular offices is also known as the “Cube Farm.”

immoNetworking (2005-today)

Over the past decade, designers have tried to encourage interaction. In “open-plan” offices, semi-private spaces allow people to interact while also offering sufficient privacy. This spawned plenty of fantastic furniture designs.



The Office of Tomorrowcam02_05_out

What if an office could be more like a hotel? We spend most of our time there, so shouldn’t it provide us with the amenities and services we need? Plenty of shared spaces, outdoor seating, good-quality dining and green areas are just as important as helpful staff at the welcome desk. Wouldn’t it be great to have your workout at the office and return to your desk showered and fresh?

Every company dreams of giving employees a workplace in which they can thrive. IMMOFINANZ has made this dream a reality.

The new international office concept launches on September 15th 2016.




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