Advertorial | MyHive – What if you Could Take Care of all Your Errands While at the Office?

Steel, glass, concrete and marble.The design of most modern office buildings – while elegant and sophisticated – can feel cold and impersonal. Receptionists hide behind large desks and people don’t talk to each other

Today’s Work Environment Needs to be Different

A study by futurologist Winston Brill shows that 98% of innovations happen through social interaction, outside of meetings. Distance is also an important factor in encouraging communication. If someone is over 30 meters away, you’re less likely to interact with them.

In 2016, Immofinanz developed a new office concept tailored to the needs of young businesses and entrepreneurs, bringing the Silicon Valley approach to designing modern work spaces to Vienna, Warsaw, Cologne, Prague and Bucharest. MyHive’s design revolves around four core elements:

A Design Inspired by Hotels

MyHive features hotel-like lobbies with a warm, stylish design, encouraging relaxed social interaction. Reception areas are open, inviting colleagues to exchange information in one central spot.

Attentive Services

Every MyHive building features a wide range of services, supporting today’s exible work style. Whether you’re recruiting, negotiating, seeking new partners or more space, tenants get quick support, suiting their specific needs.

Versatile Infrastructure

From restaurants, to shops the building has it all. A concierge service takes care of laundry, shoe repairs, tailoring, mail and flower delivery to support your staff and make more time for the important tasks at hand. MyHive has seamless Wifi , conference rooms, event spaces, parking spaces and fully equipped bathing facilities. All of this means you waste no time and can concentrate on what really counts.

An Active Community

Everyone who works here is a part of the community and can enjoy the benefits of the MyHive network, even beyond regular office hours. MyHive has its own community manager who identifies and supports potential cooperation opportunities. There are regular afterwork events and business breakfasts, making it easy to exchange ideas in a casual setting. The MyHive app even allows members to communicate between MyHive locations, allowing for an even bigger network.

“This concept fills a market gap in international business real estate. MyHive is the office brand that meets the needs of modern companies and their workforce. It’s expanding to more and more locations around the world.”

Bernhard Klein, Chief Marketing Executive of Immofinanz

Since September 2016, the concept has been used by over 3,500 tenants in the Twin Towers on Wienerberg in Vienna.


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