Advertorial | Urban Massage Comes to Vienna

The massage that comes to you, lets you de-stress in the comfort of you own home

Outside of a hotel, I didn’t think you could book a massage for the same day. In a city where waiting lists for high-quality massages can take a week or more, the new offer called Urban Massage is a welcome exception and a true luxury.

Urban Massage is a mobile app for ordering a massage therapist straight to your door and it’s called Vienna home since January. This new service makes booking online a breeze. Choose a treatment like urban classic, deep tissue, shiatsu, pregnancy, relaxing or energizing massage.

Once you have picked how to pamper yourself, the next question is when. The open time slots pop up on the screen, and once you have chosen a time, the app then shows the available therapists. You can make a selection based on gender and experience. I chose a masseuse who had -learned her craft in Japan.

Then I put in my address and quickly received a confirmation. Within three minutes, my appointment was set.

Preparing for the massage is easy – have some clean towels on hand. Clear a space roughly 2x3m wide so that the therapist will have enough room for their table and still be able to walk around it.

Right on time, the masseuse came up the stairs with her table, tucked into an extremely mobile and compact case with wheels. Within five minutes she had everything set up in the middle of my living room, and I was already transported to France, smelling her selection of massage oils, opting to go with the refreshing lavender-lemongrass on such a warm day.

She asked about any injuries she should be aware of before starting. In her expert hands, the 60 minutes floated away along with the tension in my shoulders, and the relaxed feeling stayed with me as I drank my cup of tea at home without being interrupted by a journey on the ubahn or tram that would normally come next.

The price tag, a quite reasonable €69 for an hour-long massage, is comparable to many other spas in Vienna, but with the added convenience of relaxing in the comfort of your own home, and at a time that suits you, even on the same day, it’s well worth it.


Here are some tips to make the most out of your first booking

Do Laundry

Have some clean sheets or towels ready to lay on the therapist’s massage table.


Drink plenty of water -before and after the appointment. Your therapist will appreciate it if you offer them a glass too.


Light a candle. Turn off your phone, and play the music you want to hear.

Don’t forget the Stiege (Stairway)

When booking, fill out your address as accurately as possible, so the therapist doesn’t waste time looking around for your apartment.

Urban Massage – Book a mobile massage at home

Available on the App Store and Google Play

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