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With a lot of heated campaigning buzzing around its ears, the European Union’s parliament elections are set to take place in May 2019. Austria’s candidates include the current EU representative, ÖVP’s Othmar Karas as well as SPÖ’s Andreas Schieder (MP, deputy Party Chairman and former State Secretary in the Federal Chancellery), the Green’s Werner Kogler, and NEO’s Claudia Gamon – the only woman and youngest candidate. This Tuesday, the VPÖ announced their official candidate; General Secretary Harald Vilimsky will be renominated for the post he has held since 2014. Between the decision of French actress and film icon Brigitte Bardot to stand as a candidate for animal welfare and the pledge to fight sexual harassment launched in Parliament on Wednesday (Feb 6), Austria’s candidates may have to fight for the spotlight. Then again, often the best work is done behind the scenes.

Are you an EU citizen living in Austria?

Then you can vote in the European elections, too – and that includes Britons, no matter how Brexit plays out. If you are a citizen of one of the 28 EU member countries, have your Hauptwohnsitz (main residence) in Austria, and are 16 years or older on election day – May 26, 2019 – you too can register on Austria’s European electoral voter list.

This is pretty easy and straightforward: Just fill out a short form – the “Application for entry into the register of EU-voters” – and sent it via e-mail to the MA 62 (if you live in Vienna) or bring it to your local Gemeindeamt (municipality). Once registered, the Austrian electoral authorities will send you all further information on where and when to vote via post.

To learn more or obtain a translated form, you can visit the webpage, which aims to help EU citizens in Austria register and is currently available in eight European languages.


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