The Young Alma Mahler Kammerorchester is Making Their Debut in Vienna

Founded this year by young professional musicians from all over Europe, the Alma Mahler Kammerorchester celebrates music without borders while deconstructing chamber music from the 19th and 20th centuries as well as contemporary classical works.

More intimate than full orchestral symphonies, chamber music was initially intended for home performances by anywhere between 3 and 40 musicians, enticing with a subtlety otherwise lost in large venues.

With 17 members from 12 different countries, Alma Mahler has a particularly charming chemistry; freely flitting between reductions of full orchestral pieces and chamber scores, they are relaxed and visibly enjoy playing together. Currently conducted by British shooting star Leo McFall, their first concert in the hometown of their namesake will feature a departure from clichéd fare, ringing in the new year with selected works by Debussy, Dvořák, Martinu, Poulenc and Ravel.

Jan 2, 15:30, Klaviergalerie. 7., Kaiserstrasse 10.

Sam Jackson
Sam is Metropole's Events Editor and a frequent contributor. He's also a musician and an avid football fan. If he’s not recording or yelling at the television he’ll likely be out and about in town.

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