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Alte Donau – Boat Rental Locations

In our Summer 2016 print edition, I wrote about the full-moon boat rides on the Old Danube (Alte Donau). But why wait for a full moon? You can make a romantic boat ride on any warm-weather evening! Here are our picks for a few great rental locations and details about their offers.

Please note: All hours of operation stated below are dependent on good weather, so you should call ahead to reserve or inquire. Prices valid as of July 2016.

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The Best…


La Creperiecreperie_8_500
21., An der Oberen Alten Donau 6 (1B on map) (Google map)
(01) 270 31 00

On the western edge of the lake, a 15 minute walk from by U6 or S-Bahn station in Floridsdorf, this waterside French restaurant also offers various boat rental options every night, but nothing extraordinary on full-moon eves.

Their standard offer is for a 2.5-hour rental, from 17:00–19:30 or 20:00-22:30 and includes a bottle of Sekt and picnic basket with cold, light fare. €60 for an electro-boat, €45 for a row boat or pedal boat.

Their “Royale” package is for three hours and includes a fancier catered meal. It costs €110 and includes boat rental and fancier catering

They also offer a gourmet Flossfahrt (a skippered pontoon party boat) upon request in advance – a three-hour catered cruise for 10 to 18 people will set you back €60 per person + €50 for the captain.


21., An der Oberen Alten Donau 20 (3B on map) (Google Maps)
0664 222 59 44

This location is just about the boats – no fancy catering. What sets it apart is that it stays open relatively late (until 22:00). It’s best for the budget conscious, who can bring their own gourmet picnic and beverages. There is a restaurant on premises, too.

The prices are the standard for most normal rental locations on the lake:
electro-boats are €18/hour
pedal boats are €14/hour
row boats are €12/hour

On full moon nights, a bottle of Sekt is included, and it stays open until 23:00



segelschule-hofbauerSegelschule Hofbauer
22., An der oberen Alten Donau 191 (4B on map) (Google Maps)
(01) 204 34 35
Normal operating hours: 9:00 – 20:00
Standard hourly rental rates:
€14 pedal boat
€18 electroboat
€11 rowboat

Full-moon offer (2016 dates: Jul 20, Aug 18, and Sep 16)
– 19:00-23:00 (3 hours)
– €66 lighted electro-boat
– €58 for pedal boat or row boat
– Includes picnic basket with prosecco, bottle of mineral water, antipasti and fruit

They also offer Party Boat rentals until 23:00 (flyer in English). Take a five-hour skippered cruise on the “Columbus” or “Marco Polo” pontoon boats with 3-course catering and bar – the “Captains Grill.” Up to 15 people costs €1500 and €48 for each additional person up to 22. A self-catered cruise will set you back €780 (plus extras on request), or rent by the hour at €192 per.

Their “Waluliso” boat for up to 12 costs €60 per hour. A three-hour cruise with cold buffet and bar costs €180 for the boat and €28 per person for food and drink



Floating Islands at Auzinger / Shinaklshinakl-sofa-boot_500
22., Laberlweg 19 (10B on map) (Google Maps)
(01) 263 36 56
Hours: 10:00–23:00

Why settle for an electro-boat when you can rent a floating island? Auzinger is offering something very unique and luxurious. You can rent a sofa-boat or a floating island and have your gemütlich cruise catered a la carte.

Hourly rental prices:
– “My island” for 6-8 people, €60
– Sofa Boat or sunbed boat for 2-4 €45
A €100 refundable security deposit is demanded for each rented vessel.

shinakl-corcovado-500Special events here not limited to full-moon nights. Martin Mai thinks the Alte Donau is too boring and wants to spice it up! The boats can tie up together on a floating dock, where musicians perform. Special events such as after-work chillout Thursdays (€25) and “floating” classical concerts (€49-74), both of which are launched from the dock at the Arcotel Kaiserwasser (22., Wagramerstraße 8). He also plans to hold floating yoga and seminars.



…and the rest

Here are some other locations that offer basic boat rentals at standard prices. They have the advantage of being closer to reach by public transport (U1 – Alte Donau station).

Bootsvermietung KuklaKukla-500
22., Wagramer Straße 48d (8B on map)
(01) 263 33 93
online reservations

Hours: 10:00-20:00
Prices: €18 electro-boat; €14 pedal boat; €12 row boat
weekday package : 3 hours for the price of two, or 5 for the price of 3

Full-moon nights through September (20:00-23:00): electro boat €50-€60; pedal boat €45; row boat €29


marina-hofbauer_IMG_3644_500Marina Hofbauer
22., Wagramer Straße 49 (5B on map)
(01) 204 20 20-85
Open: 9:00–24:00
Hourly rates (until 20:00/after 20:00): rowboat €12/€14; pedal boat €14/€16; electro boat normal €18/€20; electro boat with lounge bed €22/€24; electro yacht for up to 6 people €58
Weekday package rate for all boats: 3 hours for the price of two, or 5 for the price of 3

Full-moon nights: three hours between 19:00–24:00
rowboat €35; electro boats: €50-70 (bottle of prosecco included)


Bootsvermietung Eppeleppel-headerimg02
22., Wagramer Straße 48a (6B on map)
(01) 263 35 30
Hours: 9:30 – ??? (weather dependent/call for info)
Hourly rates: €18 electroboat; €14 pedal boat; €12 row boat. Weekday package : 3 hours for the price of two, or 5 for the price of 3.

Full moon nights 19:00-22:00: €65 electroboat; €52 pedal boat; €45 row boat (bottle of prosecco incl.)


Bootsvermietung Schneider
22., Wagramer Straße 48b (7B on map)
(01)263 37 16
Hours: 9:00–21:00
Hourly rates: €18 electroboat; €14 paddle boat; €12 row boat. Weekday package: 3 hours for the price of two, or 5 for the price of 3. No special offer for full moon nights

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