Austrian Private School Ranked Among the World’s Top 100

One of the toughest jobs for parents is choosing a school for their child. Everyone wants their child’s school to be welcoming but rigorous, well-rounded but targeted toward success at university and in adult life. For prospective families in Vienna, the choice just got easier: The AMADEUS International School was named among the top 100 private schools in the world by the Spear’s Schools Index 2021, a meticulous ranking launched in partnership with a global education group Carfax Education.

At the Top

Schools were ranked not only by formal criteria such as academic results and academic entry but also on their reputation, ethos, and preparation for all realms of adult life.

“The Spear’s Schools Index lists schools that are either worth moving countries for, sending children far away for, or aiming to get into if living nearby,” said Fiona McKenzie, Head of Education, Carfax Education. “The impact of a child’s educational experience goes far beyond academia alone, and for that reason, we looked at each school’s unique ethos and how they prepare students for the future when determining schools that made the cut.”

AMADEUS International School of Vienna prides itself on educational distinction, defined as “the excellence which separates something among others”. Young people are accompanied as they fulfill their highest potential, cultivating their intellect, virtue, aesthetic, vitality, music, languages, and sense of global inclusivity. At the same time, the school’s atmosphere is deeply shaped by its shared values of happiness, kindness, and imagination.

Excellence in Academics and the Arts

As an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, AMADEUS prepares young people to excel in an increasingly interdependent world. Individual success will depend not just on academic achievement, but on a sense of global citizenship and sensitivity to intercultural environments. Leaders will need not just academics, but also a rich set of soft skills.

Cultural awareness is key, and one important way that AMADEUS lays the groundwork for its students is by providing top-notch courses in the arts. While rigorous academics are always central, the school is distinguished by its specialized classes in the music, dance and visual arts. Students are encouraged to find their best forms of expression and develop their talents: People with the skills to express themselves artistically possess a life-long, indestructible source of joy and self-confidence.

And that self-confidence and wellbeing, in turn, enable young people to flourish in core academic subjects. The experiences of children and young people outside the classroom have a tremendous effect on their mindsets. That’s why at AMADEUS, staff at the family-style boarding home focus on providing the emotional support students need to make healthy decisions, become more independent, and prioritize the right things. At AMADEUS, education means more than just good marks on exams: it means the readiness to thrive in adult life.

“High-quality education is an obsession for us,” said Dr Jeremy House, Head of School at AMADEUS. Of the Spear’s School Index ranking, he noted: “We are honored to be included in such prestigious company, and proud to be recognized for our approach to accompanying young people as they fulfill their highest potential. As the only boarding school in the beautiful city of Vienna, with the strength of a music and arts academy embedded into the fabric of the organization, our students absorb this vision of distinction, and flourish in the spacious green environment at AMADEUS Vienna.

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