Special Chairman Scholarships for Talented Musicians | AMADEUS International School Gives Back

AMADEUS International School Vienna would like to give something back to the world in this crazy situation, and is now offering two full scholarships to highly talented musicians and strong academics who are entering Grade 10 or 11.

The scholarships are sponsored by the Chair of Board of Trustees at AMADEUS Vienna, Dr. Wilson Goh, who is a dedicated musician and a patron of the arts. “We believe that educational distinction encompasses fulfillment of both our musical and intellectual potential. Therefore, we dedicate this scholarship to two strong academics who play either the violin or the cello at a top level,” says Jeremy House, Head of School.

The scholarship gives you a fully funded International Baccalaureate (IB) education and professional music tutoring and mentorship and will set you up for entry into the leading conservatories and universities worldwide (note that entry not guaranteed and requires hard work). The scholarships are for local day-students and do not include boarding.

Deadline: May 25, 2020.

Please visit their website to learn more: https://amadeus-vienna.com/ib/scholarship/

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