Augmented Reality

augmented reality

ɔːgˈmɛntɪd ri(ː)ˈælɪti


noun: augmented reality (AR)
  1. a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.
  2. the thing that METROPOLE uses on its covers and within the magazine to provide its readers with even more interesting content and artistic enhancements.

In order to test how to best enhance the print magazine, the editorial team used three different AR approaches to test the results.

Artivive: We worked with artivive on our covers for the Good Life and the Architecture issue.

Lemmings: They created two AR covers for us (Hidden Champions & Heast Oida!), using the Facebook AR kit.

MajorDesign: Both the art and the animation for our Being Austrian (Cultural Heritage) issue was created by them and can be viewed inside the agency’s app. The cover animation of our spring issue on Growth can also be seen with the MajorDesign app.

HP Reveal: To view additional content inside the magazine – videos, music and visuals – we have worked with the HP reveal app. Hover over the pages with the app to discover hidden content!

In 2019 we’ll be releasing our own app that will encompass all of these functionalities.

Stay tuned and don’t be a stranger,