Austrian Army Game Offline Because of Right-Wing Symbol

The Austrian Army developed five online games to generate interest among Austrians in the institution’s responsibilities and tasks. Now, one of them is now no longer available because of a symbol on a soldier’s helmet. The uncomfortable incident has tarnished enthusiasm for the Austrian Army game, which was designed for the national holiday and in which players could win prizes: That’s because one real-life video sequence shows a soldier wearing a badge associated with the far-right scene. The Ministry of Defence took the game in question offline and launched an investigation.

Because this year’s national holiday was mainly limited to online activities, the army used the opportunity to launch five games in which players can slip into the role of a soldier. Tasks ranged from a Eurofighter flight to a decontamination mission.

In the video “Defend your country with the infantry,” a soldier could be seen from behind – with a “raven banner” on his helmet. This Nordic symbol is often used by right-wing extremists. The spokesman of the Ministry of Defense Michael Bauer explained that the symbol does not violate the Badge Act, but it is controversial. In either case, soldiers are not allowed to wear civilian insignia on their uniforms. For that reason alone, an investigation will be initiated.

Bauer could not yet say whether disciplinary proceedings might follow. The Jägerbataillon 17 (Hunters Batallion) in Straß is at the center of the controversy.

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