Vienna’s public transportation is fantastic. From the annual pass that gets you around town for €1 a day to the frequent intervals, it’s pretty much undisputed that the Wiener Linien (Vienna Transit Authority) spoils us all.

We begin rolling our eyes when we see a “5” indicated on the minute sign, forgetting that compared to many cities, minute signs are a courtesy in and of itself. But that’s not what I’m writing about today: I’m grateful for that rare moment when you arrive at your stop and your tram, bus or U-bahn rolls up as if on cue. Without hesitation, you can step on with the swagger of Captain Jack Sparrow disembarking from his perfectly timed shipwreck in his establishing scene in Pirates of the Caribbean.

If you have some epic music playing on your headphones, it feels even more fortuitous. That is, until the doors close behind you, reality sets in, and you’re whisked away to your next destination. At least this time, you didn’t have to wait.

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Catherine M. Hooker is the head of Communications at METROPOLE. She keeps us honest and in line, creates promotion materials and is our connection to our cooperation partners. She holds a MA in International Relations and also contributes photography to METROPOLE. hooker@metropole.atPhoto: Visual Hub