Andreas Rainer

Andreas Rainer is a journalist and writer based in Vienna. He lived across the pond in the U.S. and Canada for three years which gave him a new love for Vienna from an outsider's perspective. He headed the Vienna branch of the San Francisco based food app Yelp for the past six years, making him a prime source of insider knowledge on new restaurants hidden bars. He authored the Guide Book Vienna for Germans (2017) and made the short list (2015) and long list (2016) for the "Wortlaut" short fiction contest, tweets at @an_rainer

Seestadt Aspern | The New Frontier

Despite a direct subway connection, getting to Seestadt Aspern is quite a trek: starting from Karlsplatz on the U2, you’ll pass the national stadium in the Prater, a shopping mall, a highway, the Danube and finally, an endless array of cornfields, eventually wondering if you’re still in Vienna. The woman next to me is asleep […]
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Vienna Summer

Make the Most of Vienna During the Dog Days of Summer

As the natives flee town for their vacation, why not make the city your oyster?

Viennese Humor | Tour de Schmäh

Forget Sissi, Schönbrunn and Apfelstrudel: According to the Viennese, their humor is the city’s most remarkable accomplishment.
Welcome to the Clown

Virtual Nightmares at the Wiener Prater

The Clown updates the classic ghost train inside the world’s oldest theme park. There is something deeply unsettling about a clown that’s not putting smiles on children’s faces. This specific one, which just appeared on the display of my oculus rift headset, is eagerly waving his hands, inviting me to come forward. I have little […]
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Animals Are Our Best Ingredients | Can You Love Puppy Dogs AND Pork Cutlets?

The Viennese love their pets under and their meaty schnitzel on the table. A report on the animals we cuddle and those we devour An elderly lady is walking by Schwedenplatz, followed closely by her golden retriever. She stops at a sausage stand to buy a Käsekrainer sausage in a bun and sits down on […]
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Lainzer Tiergarten

As hard as it is to find solitude in a city of almost two million, it’s far from impossible: at the Lainzer Tiergarten nature preserve in the 13th and 23rd districts, you can have a whole forest to yo...

Channel Your Inner Party Animal with this Donaukanal Guide!

Despite behind-the-scenes struggles, the Donaukanal remains the place to be when the temperature rises As a tourist couple is taking a selfie on the SchwedenbrĂĽcke, just a few feet below them a slightly tipsy older gentleman is dancing ecstatically to jazz played by a band on an improvised stage under the bridge. He is wearing […]
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Meiselmarkt | Vienna’s Biggest Indoor Market

Rising BazaarDespite a grand hilltop view of stately Schönbrunn palace, a mere four bus stops further, for the locals of Meiselmarkt, the city’s splendor seems a million miles away. Part of Vien...

Gumpendorf | Bohemian Rhapsody

As dawn breaks in Gumpendorf, you can observe two very different types of early morning creatures: You might catch bearded barroom revolutionaries stumbling out into the glaring sunlight – or you may ...