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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Andreas Rainer

Andreas Rainer is a journalist and writer based in Vienna. He lived across the pond in the U.S. and Canada for three years which gave him a new love for Vienna from an outsider's perspective. He headed the Vienna branch of the San Francisco based food app Yelp for the past six years, making him a prime source of insider knowledge on new restaurants hidden bars. He authored the Guide Book Vienna for Germans (2017) and made the short list (2015) and long list (2016) for the "Wortlaut" short fiction contest, tweets at @an_rainer

Grätzl | Gumpendorf: Bohemian Rhapsody

As dawn breaks in Gumpendorf, you can observe two very different types of early morning creatures: You might catch bearded barroom revolutionaries stumbling out into the glaring sunlight – or you may see young...
karl marx

Museum | How the Social Democrats Shaped Vienna

The Waschsalon in the historic Karl Marx-Hof shows how the Social Democrats shaped Vienna.The museum Das Rote Wien im Waschsalon (Red Vienna at the Laundry Room) is certainly unusual: True to its name, the...
smoking ban vienna

Opinion | Smoking: Freedom Worth Dying For?

As the door to Café Einhorn opens, a draft of icy winter air surges into the room. For a fleeting moment, our lungs suck in the oxygen before it dissolves into the yellow haze of dozens of cigarettes, preserving...
spelunke vienna

Don’t let the Name Spelunke Fool you: Where Shabby, Chic and Fancy Meet for...

Spelunke does dark and swanky for trendy businesspeopleIn German, a Spelunke is a dark and shabby bar, often hidden in a grotty backstreet near a harbor. Not unappealing to Viennese, who have a soft...
Bermudadreieck Vienna

Grätzl | Bermudadreieck: History and Hard Drinking

Ominously named after the mysterious navigational hazard that allegedly claims countless vessels in the Caribbean, Vienna’s Bermudadreieck (Bermuda Triangle) is an adventure, particularly on weekendsThe jocular nickname for the area between Schwedenplatz, Marc-Aurel-Strasse, Hoher...

Grätzl | Alt-Hietzing: Suburban Imperialism

On a warm Sunday morning in Alt-Hietzing, an elderly lady pushes her walker along the old wooden parquet terrace of Café Dommayer, a coffeehouse where dukes and duchesses strolled in days past. Famous in the...
austrians love hate germans

Opinion | Don’t Call Me Tüte: Why Austrians Love to Hate on Germans

Austria and Germany share a troubled past, the (almost) same language – and are still worlds apart“Eine Tüte, bitte!” – a casual request at a supermarket checkout – is social suicide for a German...
weird vienna

Books | Weird Vienna: The Stuff you Won’t Read on Tripadvisor

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gastwirtschaft im durchhaus

At Gastwirtschaft im Durchhaus, Enjoy Modern Viennese Cuisine

Gastwirtschaft im Durchhaus brings Viennese cuisine into the 21st centuryLet’s face it: Neubau, Vienna’s ultratrendy 7th district, may have gotten a little too fashionable. Some of Vienna’s most exotic eateries have made their home...