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Friday, December 15, 2017

Andrew Standen-Raz

Following studies in Anthropology at UCL, Film at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, and Law at Loyola, Andrew worked for Miramax Films, 20th Century Fox Studios, and won two awards as a public relations counsel at Ruder Finn. After seeing the US political system from the inside while working for the VOA at a Democratic & a Republican political convention, Andrew returned to Europe to make documentary films, including "Vinyl: Tales from the Vienna Underground", which premiered at Karlovy Vary. He is currently curating for a film festival, developing new film projects, and developing an organic food app
heimat:machen volkskundemuseum

In Heimat:Machen, the Volkskundemuseum Confronts its own Role in Shaping National Identity

The past is only foreign if you deny its powerful impact on the present Thanks to fresh research by curators Birgit Johler und Magdalena Puchberger, the exhibition Heimat:Machen (Creating:Homeland) at the Volkskundemuseum (The Austrian Museum...
future ai

Opinion | Will you be Replaced by a Robot Soon?

Can we control the spread of AI and robots into every aspect of our lives? Sophia has been granted citizenship by Saudi Arabia; she has been a star guest on the “Tonight Show” and her...
good life

The Good Life is as Easy to Define as Love or Justice

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vienna design week

Why you Should go to Vienna Design Week

Vienna's Design Week is a feast of ideas that reveal the many ways design enhances our lives Given any traveler’s willingness to pay for charm, it’s a wonder how many miserable corners fill our world....
kunsthalle wien better world

“How to Live Together” at the Kunsthalle Wien is a Guide for Better World

A new group show at the Kunsthalle encourages us to shed our preconceptions and love the things that set us apart. The tempting possibility of a Utopia, a perfect world where we all get along...
Wiener festwochen

How the Wiener Festwochen are Breaking all the Rules in 2017

The Wiener Festwochen push the envelope with a new co-director setting the tone Being voted “most-livable” city can be a double-edged sword. Every metropolis has its charms – a heady mix of unique tastes and...

Austria’s Obsession with Extreme Sports and how it Changes us

How Austria's taming the rush of death-defying adrenaline highs condition us to be more resilient. In just one tenth of a second your brain goes into fight or flight mode when confronted with danger. Repeated...
health systems

Opinion | The Time I Found out Just how Great Austria’s Health System is

Medical Meanderings: From dodgy diagnostics in the U.K. to a tree-filled quad in the Alpine Republic. A tale of two cities. When a sympathetic African priest materializes at your Viennese hospital bedside, murmuring what sound like...
christian kern

Will Chancellor Christian Kern’s “Plan A” Tame the Refugee Problem?

Or does Kern's new narrative play into the hands of the populists? There have been no bombs in Austrian cities. There are no policemen in body armor patrolling the streets. Yet Trump-style talk of sealing...