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Monday, October 22, 2018

Andrew Standen-Raz

Following studies in Anthropology at UCL, Film at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, and Law at Loyola, Andrew worked for Miramax Films, 20th Century Fox Studios, and won two awards as a public relations counsel at Ruder Finn. After seeing the US political system from the inside while working for the VOA at a Democratic & a Republican political convention, Andrew returned to Europe to make documentary films, including "Vinyl: Tales from the Vienna Underground", which premiered at Karlovy Vary. He is currently curating for a film festival, developing new film projects, and developing an organic food app
The History of Now

Nadiv Molcho’s First Feature Film, The History of Now

Nadiv Molcho – the young actor, director and member of the NENI clan – is used to defying naysayers. His first feature film is The History of Now The world of Nadiv Molcho – a...
black-market crime

The Undeclared Economy

How does Austria deal with Europe’s estimated €1 trillion shadow economy of black-market crime, petty tax evasion and corporate profit shifting? In Vienna, a tax fraud sting begins with an innocuous questionnaire, printed in German, English and...
luxury home

Opinion | The Luxury of Home

When the chips are down, how does a top-rated city give shelter to those who have lost everything? Recessions remind us that home is a luxury, the literal and metaphorical walls that both sustain and...
der menschenfeind

A War of Words – Molière’s Misanthrope

The archetypal angry middle-aged male splutters to life in Molière’s Der Menschenfeind (The Misanthrope) Our current love affair with the instant gratification of insults cannot be blamed solely on an unfiltered social media culture. Misanthropy...
beautiful minds

Beautiful Minds

If our education decides our future, what happens to upward mobility and equal opportunity? A democracy depends on citizens knowing what they are voting for, otherwise the X is as rationally placed as a bet...

On Display: Calle Libre – Living Walls

The Calle Libre Festival turns urban walls into galleries When Jakob Kattner looks around ­Vienna, he doesn’t see the historic architecture that tourists so cherish. He is looking for the next 10-story canvas. Every August...

Business & Career: Beyond the White Cube

How young, savvy art producers bring new talent directly to the public by exploiting new spaces, technology and social media, thereby sidestepping the art world’s gatekeepers Suddenly, a phalanx of silent, stony-faced soldiers in helmets...

On Screen: Lights, Camera, Sacher – Behind the Scenes

ORF has the entire city wondering about the new big-budget mini-series filming at the Hotel Sacher Crossing the street from the Vienna State Opera, past the film production vans, I wiped the crumbs of a...
Community Supported Agriculture

Business & Career: We Are What We Eat

As industrial farming comes under attack, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) hopes to change the game Revolution is the new black. Every pillar of our existence is under attack, from democracy to what we eat. For...