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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Aline Lara Rezende

how to collect art

How to Become an Art Collector

The scene may feel like an impenetrable world from the outside. In truth, it’s within any art lover’s reach. The trick is knowing where to look – and how. Last year, Leonardo da Vinci’s painting...

Lobmeyr’s Innovations are in Every Household, you Just Don’t Know it

What would Vienna’s palaces be without their brilliant chandeliers, gleaming mirrors and fine crystal glasses?Uniting craftsmanship and innovation, the Viennese company Lobmeyr has made them shine for 200 years As you step inside the Golden Hall of...
Vienna design history

The Turbulent Times of Viennese Design

In Vienna, with so much arts and culture, design may seem like an afterthought. In fact, it's all around us, shaping how we live, eat and dress The starched fabric rustles as it’s straightened, a...

This Year’s Vienna Biennale Delves into the Robot Revolution

The Vienna Biennale explores the disruptions and innovations affecting the world of work as we know it To live and work with robots is not a science fiction scenario anymore: The future has arrived. Automation,...