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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Alexander Fanta

Alexander Fanta is a foreign news reporter with Austrian Press Agency since 2011. His beat in Vienna includes UN, OSCE and Austrian diplomacy, with the occasional lost dog story thrown in between. Follow him on Twitter: @FantaAIex
espionage / iran talks

Capital of Cloak & Dagger

Vienna has never tried to curb the activities of foreign spies. Over the past century, it’s become the go-to stage for the dramas of global espionageThe year was 2000. The setting: an inconspicuous office...
city life shaking gratzl

City Life: Shaking Up the Grätzl

Gracious old Vienna can be set in its ways. But a few entrepreneurs and activists are trying to do things differently. By Alexander Fanta & Christoph SchlemmerHalf a century ago, Vienna was a very conservative...
guest sophie halder

Sophie Halder

Organic community building, one platter at a time“My concept is simply back to basics” says Sophie Halder, chef and manager of the new restaurant SCA33 on Gumpendorfer Straße. It certainly looks the part, its...

Be My Guest: Lisa Rauchbüchl – Hidden Kitchen

The communications graduate ensures that Hidden Kitchen is far from a secretIn the highly competitive world of Viennese lunch cantines, Hidden Kitchen has made a name for itself with its tasty-but-healthy soups, salads and...
Third-culture kids

Cover Story: Growing Global – Third-Culture Kids

For third-culture kids, international schools around the world become an important but temporary extended familyYou can hear them on the subway, a gaggle of teenagers from all backgrounds, speaking in an English that defies...

City Life: 90,000 Refugees, No Crisis – How Vienna has managed historic refugee influxess

The Bosnian war brought a wave of fleeing migrants to Vienna. We somehow muddled through. How did we manage?When the first shots were fired in a town a few hundred kilometers away, Kemal Smajic’s...