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Friday, January 18, 2019

Ali Rabbani

Creative director and stylist for film and print. He studied fashion in Vienna and has worked all over the world in styling, set and food design, as well as art direction for advertising and fashion shoots, videos and shows. See his work @iamrabbani

Danse Macabre

The Alte Technik at Ottakringer Brauerei usually hosts raging parties, but for us it became a stage for five Viennese dancers to live out celebrations of life and death from around the world Styling/Creative Direction Ali Rabbani...
Día de los Muertos

Dress up for the Dead

Thoughts from our expert on design, gadgets and joie de vivre Framing the concept of life and death in a fashion editorial took me on a journey around the world and back. From the deepest...
my favorite things

My Favorite Things November 2016

Today it's a camera drone. Tomorrow it travels back in time and tries to kill Sarah Conner. -Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory (slightly adapted) You can’t buy happiness but you can buy shoes and that’s kind of...
hermann fankhauser

Hermann Fankhauser – Designer and Teacher

One half of the design team behind Wendy&Jim and Professor at the Academy of Applied Arts, Hermann Fankhauser stole some time on his flight from Paris to answer 10 questions 1. Who taught you the...
learning wearing

On my Mind: Learning by Wearing

Thoughts from our expert on design, gadgets and joie de vivre I remember the day I discovered that clothing told a story. It was in a dusty room as a first year fashion student, listening...
my favorite things

My Favorite Things | October 2016

Travels, Toys, Thoughts, and Threads to Widen Your Horizons     A Few Nice Do-dads To Remind You to Be Aware of What You Wear
mind back future

Back to The Future

Thoughts from our expert on design, gadgets and joie de vivre When I think about the not-so-distant future, sure, I see food printers, hologram interfaces and magnetic levitation trains. But not all innovations stand the...

Creatives: The Messenger

Jean-Claude Mpassy: The creator of the fashion website “New Kiss on the Blog” hails from Berlin and has chosen Vienna because he sees it as the city of opportunity, full of untapped potential
Equipment Embellishments

My Favorite Things | Everyday Life Just got Smarter

Find more time for the important things in life with a little help from our friends from the world of wearables, e-mobility, virtual reality and the internet of things   No More Fashion Over Function Looking smart...