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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Anja Stevic

Is a Croatian born writing for Metropole. After moving around, she decided to make Vienna her hometown, where she is currently pursuing her MSc in Communications. In her free time, she is attending exhibitions, photographing or analyzing data.
Slovenia Austria

Southern Comfort: Slovenia

How well do you know your neighbors? We looked into the Alpine Republic’s special relationship with each of them“Austrians are in a good position economically, and they have jobs for us!”, Slovene Ziga Luknar...
switzerland austria

The Twin Peaks of Europe: Switzerland

How well do you know your neighbors? We looked into the Alpine Republic’s special relationship with each of themRight in the heart of Europe there is a country where four languages are spoken as...
agent oscar

Grab Retouched Classic Cocktails at Agent Oscar

Agent Oscar’s cocktails spoil the most demanding taste buds with updated American classicsIt’s somewhat ironic that the real birth of the cocktail coincides with the prohibition era in the United States: mixed, sweet drinks...
murder on the orient express

Murder on the Orient Express: Agatha Christie’s Beloved Novel Comes to Life With a...

The latest adaptation of Agatha Christie’s classic whodunit entices with a stellar castPreviously brought to the screen by Sidney Lumet in a much loved 1974 adaptation, Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express remains...

130 of Rafael’s Paintings and Drawings are Coming to the Albertina

The iconic Raphael awes at the Albertina as an iconic painter and draftsmanIf imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Raphael is among the most-praised artists in history. His style synthesized compositional balance...
study alcohol language

Less Thinking, More Drinking

A study confirms what some of us may have already suspected: alcohol improves our foreign language skillsForget about the tongue twisters next time you hit the bar; it is proved small dose of alcohol...
international design fair blickfang

International Design Fair Blickfang

The international design fair presents creative, innovative and unique pieces for everyoneIn this age of mass produced individuality, it can be difficult to stand out amid generic furniture and clothing. But handcrafted, unique authenticity...

Horror Clown Pennywise Strikes Again in the new Remake of It

A new adaptation of Stephen King's signature novel once again proves that parents and clowns are children's worst nightmare Traumatizing children and ruining the circus since 1986, Stephen King’s It remains one of the bestselling...

First World Misery in Haneke’s Happy End

Haneke’s latest take on technology and family dysfunction has anything but the aboveA connoisseur of despair, acclaimed Austrian director Michael Haneke is a keen observer of the malignant absurdity of society, winning two Palmes...