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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Alexandra Wood

Born and raised in the North of England, Lexy studied literature and rowed for Cambridge University. After exploring Switzerland for a year, she is now based in Vienna where she spends her time writing for Metropole, reading books and planning outdoor adventures.

His Bobness Returns to Vienna With New Triple Album

The legend and Nobel laureate continues his never ending tour with his first triple album. One of the most important and influential performers of the 20th century, Bob Dylan emerged from the 1960s American counterculture...

Speakeasy Krypt Won’t Stay Secret for Long

The Krypt updates the speakeasy with award-winning décor and drinks. Little do we think about the space beneath our feet; our cities are full of vastly underutilized underground spaces with heaps of potential. Hidden in the 9th District’s Wasa...
vienna indoor bouldering halls

Sports | Bouldering in Vienna Makes for a Climbers Paradise

Indoor bouldering halls combine exercise with socializing. Austrians have an undeniable love for mountaineering, with many possessing an idiosyncratic urge to climb any sheer rock face they see. Out of a population of over 8...
pools vienna

Sports | Vienna’s Indoor Swimming Pools

Vienna’s many indoor swimming pools are the ideal place to stay fit during the winter. It’s been a long day and my head is full to the brim. Alongside my looming to-do list, a constant...
three billboards outside ebbing missouri

Martin McDonagh’s Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Makes Light of Grim Topics with Impressive...

A bereaved mother’s quest for justice escalates into a dark, hilarious feud. Well known for pitch-black comedies like In Bruges and Seven Psychopaths, award-winning writer-director Martin McDonagh’s latest film is a chip off the old...

The Burgtheater has English Surtitles! Check out Oresteia this Feb 8th and 11th

The Burgtheater surtitles Aeschylus’ trilogy in English. With matricide, murder, revenge, adultery and deceit, Aeschylus’ trilogy the Oresteia covers the final chapter of mythology’s most accursed family, the house of Atreus. One of the most...
Trevor Traina

US Ambassador to Austria Position Filled by IT Millionaire

U.S. President Donald Trump has nominated a new ambassador to Austria, a position that has been vacant for nearly a year since the departure of Alexa Wesner. Trevor Traina, the 49 year old philanthropist, art...