Gregory Bondaruk

A Polish-American who has deemed Vienna home - Greg is a digital marketer and a past Metropole team member.
stuwerviertel vienna

Stuwerviertel | A Neighborhood at a Crossroads

The Stuwerviertel is an anomaly, both more and less than meets the eye: Wedged in between the Prater, Mexikoplatz and Ausstellungsstrasse, it’s quiet, unimposing, with wide alleys lush with trees and ...
Christoph Waltz

On Vienna, the Viennese and Death – Christoph Waltz

I want to be buried there.   While promoting his latest feature, Tulip Fever (read our preview here), Austrian cinematic ambassador and national treasure Christoph Waltz stopped by the Late Show with Stephen Colbert for a chat. Between musings about their first public performances as altar boys and the beginnings of Waltz’s career in Hollywood, […]
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Frameout Festival

A Summer Highlight, Frameout Festival Turns Museumsquartier into an Open-Air Cin...

An eclectic mix of cinema's finest, at one of the summer's hottest hangoutsAny summer spent in Vienna pretty much requires a visit to the Museums Quartier: whether it’s for an exhibition, a late...
home cafe

Vienna’s Icelandic Eatery Promises Northern Comfort the 9th District

Nordic charm and a living-room atmosphere are a welcome addition to Vienna's international collection of cuisines.While Austria undoubtedly has a lock on gorgeous alpine scenery as well as prime...

A Tale of Two Passions | Food and Biking at Ghisallo

Ghisallo marries casual Mediterranean dining with fine Italian road bikes.When you first face Ghisallo on the corner of Reinprechtsdorfer Straße and Schönbrunner Straße, you may perform a double...

Obsessed with the Sound of Music

CBS’s Late Show host, Stephen Colbert came across rumors concerning the potential new U.S. ambassador to Austria, Patrick Park, longtime Trump supporter and concert pianist. As Colbert pointed out, the main qualifications for a position of such high esteem would to “be an expert in the history and customs, and to strengthen America’s friendship with […]
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editorial born again facts

Opinion | Born-Again Facts

If the recent election has taught us anything, it’s that details do not matter anymore Trump rose to power not only by tapping into notions of helplessness and despair among working-class voters, but...

GuĂźhausviertel | Downtown Diplomacy

GuĂźhausviertelTaking a stroll just behind Karlskirche into the 4th district is a calming experience. Gone is the buzz of tourists and traffic snaking its way through the city. Instead, the stree...

Nippon Soul Food at Kuro

Kohei Kurosa serves udon and other beloved Japanese staples at his newly opened restaurant, Kuro“I asked my Austrian colleague what he would like to eat during our last night in Japan,” said Koh...