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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Brian Hatfield

Brian is an Australian Director/Actor/Teacher/Writer, resident in Vienna, who has recently founded a local ensemble, "Beyond Down Under Theatre". He has reviewed two Viennales and has trained, and worked, in ballet, theatre, film, television and Opera. He has a Masters of Arts.
Outside Mullingar

An Eccentric Irish Take on Romance Takes the Stage in “Outside Mullingar”

Love's Labor's Not Lost: Outside Mullingar is somewhat mired in its continental premiere.  A poetic riff on loneliness, self-abnegation and love, John Patrick Shanley’s Outside Mullingar bristles with rural Irish eccentricity and romance. But then...
Vienna Theatre Project

Lifting the Veil

The Vienna Theatre Project puts on Ayad Akhtar’s The Who and the What, where logos, mythos and gender intersect Four actors and a director huddle around a table, poised over scripts with pencils in one...
Twelfth Night

Twelve Nights to Remember

Vienna’s English Theatre presents Twelfth Nights in an uneven yet endearing version As the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death draws to a close, his inexplicable absence has been noted at Vienna’s English Theatre (VET). Yet...

Cover Story: Reimagining The Self

Vienna’s dramatists have a long, brilliant and turbulent history. But no year was quite so momentous as 1929, the year modernity was born. Hedwig Kiesler was determined to act. She had traveled all the way...

On Stage: Family Matters – Performance

The .EVOLve Theater company delves into the love that binds Ms. Barbara Wolfram glides into Café ­Goldegg, a stone’s throw from Belvedere Palace. No jewelry or make up. Nothing fancy. She takes a moment. Gently...

On Stage: The Rain in Vain

Vienna’s English Theatre’s Pygmalion is enjoyable, but fails to capture the true Shavian spirit George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion at Vienna’s English Theatre is selling out to full houses, with audiences relishing the wit, and applauding...

Viennale 2015 – Part VIII: Drowning in the Wake of Charybdis

The Viennale ‘15 has well and truly come to a close. The first Viennale was way back in 1960, before many of us were born – about the time of black and white television. As...
(C) Viennale

Viennale 2015 – Part VII: Mentors, Monsters and Demagogues.

In the opening exposition of Woody Allen’s Irrational Man, philosophy lecturer Abe Lucas (Joaquin Phoenix) muses on the problem of sustaining Emanuel Kant’s categorical imperative in a post-modern world: How could any of us...
(C) Viennale

Viennale 2015 – Part VI: Redemption, Dystopia and Fading Talent, or, Stanislawsky was right

All Hallows Eve at the Metro Kino, vintage filmmaker Kim Longinotto was there in person, to introduce her latest documentary Dreamcatcher. Looking up at the brass wall sconces, she couldn’t help but comment: “How...