Cynthia Peck

Cynthia Peck is originally from Southern California, but she does not miss the sun. She lived in Tokyo for a decade, and she does miss the food. Now the Konzerthaus and Musikverein are her main living rooms, as are a few select restaurants around town. Trained in Vienna as a professional cellist, she also works at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, translates and edits lots of books about Buddhist epistemology and Austrian history, and is thinking about apprenticing as a chef. What she enjoys most is writing about music.
Wien modern

Wien Modern IV | A Private Vastness

Michael Hersch treats his audience to an 11-hour concert at Wien Modern
wien modern

Wien Modern V | Closing the Gap

Listening to new music is not rocket science – it is simply a blend of memories, expectations and discovery.
wien modern

Wien Modern III | Anything That Moves

I guess human beings will always pay attention to anything that moves. Or makes noise. In fact, I paid attention to people doing both for more than an hour at last Tuesday’s Wien Modern offering: the ...
wien modern

Wien Modern II | Arditti Quartet

Reading new music as if it were a newspaper, they play with a finesse, erudition and passion that is breathtaking.
wien modern

Wien Modern Erupts

The opening concert of Vienna’s festival of new music kicks off five weeks of contemporary sounds.
Resonanzen Festival

Music is Trump

The Resonanzen Festival, nine intensive days of early music in January, confirms that music still holds all the cards.It’s not fake news: Musik ist Trumpf (Music Holds the Trump ...

Culture Music | November

Mesmeric Metamusic Composer Olga Neuwirth creates magnificent soundscapes from apparent chaosFollowing one modernist paradigm in the fine arts – that a painting is nothing more than some colors...

Our Guide to Musiksommer in Lower Austria

Vienna closes its concert halls in the summer, but the nearby countryside offers a plethora of musical events For much of July and August, Vienna’s concert halls lock their doors. But the state of Lower Austria, which embraces Vienna from all sides, makes up for the shortfall by hosting concerts across the entire countryside. Plethora […]
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“Supersaturated with Electricity” | Anticipation for Arnold Schönber...

Twenty years of the Arnold Schönberg Center and an exhibit on Jung-Wien, Vienna’s fin-de-siècle creative wave “New music is never beautiful on first acquaintance.” For many, this remark by Arnold Schoenberg, made in a radio interview in 1931, might seem the understatement of the century. Especially if they have made any acquaintance with the music […]
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