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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Cynthia Peck

String Quartet

The Power of Four

The enduring fascination of string quartets for musicians, composers and audiencesThe remarkable thing about the string quartet is how it endures. There are plenty of combinations of instruments, even matching instruments: say, trumpets, trombones...
Collection of Historic Musical Instruments

Sounding Treasures

What do old musical instruments displayed in glass cases have to do with music? The world-renowned Collection of Historic Musical Instruments has the answerMusic should be heard, not locked away in glass display cases,...
Vienna Philharmonic

The Toughest Ticket in Town

A closer look at the Vienna Philharmonic and the New Year’s Concert, its most important event of the yearA curious thing, tradition. On the first day of the year in Vienna – provided you don’t...
Wien Modern festival

Bernhard Günther of the Wien Modern Festival Answers Unanswered Questions

Bernhard Günther, the new artistic director of the Wien Modern festival, sets his courseWhere do we come from? Where are we going? And where the hell are we? These are the three “ultimate” questions of...
pallas athene

Elysium and the Death of Socrates

Ernst Krenek’s opera Pallas Athene weint: A musical megaphone for our political timesDoes music amplify the uproar of the world around us, or does it soothe it? Is opera a pacifying opiate, or can...

Tonight’s the Night

An intro to subscriptions for the upcoming music season, or how to remember where you put the ticketsThe concert season has finally reopened. From now until the last day of June, Vienna’s concert halls offer...
Impulstanz Festival

On Stage: Impulstanz – Kaleidoscopes of Movement

Europe’s largest contemporary dance festival soars above all preconceptionsDancers dream of space, limitless space to move. Of rooms with no walls and of floors that flout gravity.The ten studios at the Arsenal nearly fulfill...
Elisabeth Leonskaja

On Music: Profound Lightness

Pianist Elisabeth Leonskaja celebrates her 70th birthday performing Franz SchubertPianist Elisabeth Leonskaja doesn’t take time for pleasantries on stage. She sits and begins to play nearly before the clapping stops, her mien serious if...

On Music: Nigel Kennedy – Irreverently Reverent

Nigel Kennedy pays tribute to the king of electric guitar with his Jimi Hendrix ProjectLime green sneakers, a messy, greying punk haircut, baggy black pants: Nigel Kennedy stomps around the stage shredding through the...