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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Christoph Krones

MMAG. Christoph Krones is an attorney-at-law from Vienna. His fields of expertise are civil and civil procedural law as well as administrative and administrative procedural law - www.krones-law.at
drones in austria

Vienna Legal | How to Protect Yourself Against Drones

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klimt woman in gold

Vienna Legal | Love and Loss: The Legal History of the Painting Golden Adele

Great art has the power of legend. So it’s perhaps not surprising that one of the most spectacular legal disputes in post-war Austria was over the “The Woman in Gold”, a legendary portrait by great Secession...

Vienna Legal | Your Right to Vote

In Austria, you can vote at 16 and don’t need to register. For some elections, EU citizens can vote too. In democracies, a citizen’s right to vote is the way to participate in the democratic process. In...