Christoph Krones

MMAG. Christoph Krones is an attorney-at-law from Vienna. His fields of expertise are civil and civil procedural law as well as administrative and administrative procedural law -

What’s the Deal with Travel Packages, Legally Speaking?

As the Danube gets ready for the summer travel season, a new law is set to give travelers more rights and better information on their trips. So, you’re booking a vacation – let’s say your aim is to spend a few days at an adventure or holiday park and you book this first. The park’s […]
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Vienna Legal | The Lady in Gold

Great art has the power of legend. So it’s perhaps not surprising that one of the most spectacular legal disputes in post-war Austria was over the “Th...

Your Right to Vote in Austria

In Austria, you can vote at 16 and don’t need to register. For some elections, EU citizens can vote too. In democracies, a citizen’s right to vote ...