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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Claudia Paccosi

Claudia Paccosi is half Italian and half Austrian, studied in Rome and was a journalist for Storyful in Dublin. She loves to see almost everything under a poetic veil, that's why she moved to Vienna, where she can learn to dance Walzer and experience its cold snowy winter.
vienna books libraries

How to use Vienna’s Library System

With countless books and manuscripts collected over centuries, Vienna has a lot to offer bookworms.There can be magic in a library: illuminated by the suffused glow of shaded lamps, entire walls of infinite shelves...
vienna ball

5 High Points of Vienna’s Ball Season

I moved to Vienna from warm, sunny Italy for many different reasons, but the most charming by far is ball season.There are few things as magical as wearing a long taffeta dress and floating...

Baroque Star

Rubens – The Power of Transformation shows a master channeling the past to create something entirely original.Enormously productive, Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640), was and still is a star of the art world. But to...
joseph brot vienna

Joseph Brot is Bringing the Bagel Back to its Hometown

Producing handmade organically sourced bagels the traditional way is a labor of love: It takes three days just to make the dough and another four to give them that satisfying crunch while keeping the...
Polaroid project

The Westlicht Explores Polaroids in What Might be Their Final Exhibit

Predating Instagram by several decades, Polaroid’s instant photographs were a hit from the mid-20th century up to the digital revolution, fitting all darkroom procedures inside the camera and promising the “60-second excitement.”While never displacing...
dance vienna

How to Learn to Dance in Vienna

This year, the dance floor can be yours. With these tips, you’ll have all the moves to wow the ball season crowdI’m sitting on a white, soft sofa in a changing room; next to me a...
social media detox

Opinion | Look up from Your Phone on Your Next Commute

I just uploaded a selfie onto Instagram, complete with a sophisticated quote, imperceptibly blurred, and some contrast to underline the color of my eyes.Now I’m waiting. Waiting for that like. Mr. Serious must have...
Italy Austria

A Romance of Adversaries: Italy

How well do you know your neighbors? We looked into the Alpine Republic’s special relationship with each of them“So it’s Spaghetti alla Bolognese as the first course, then Wiener Schnitzel – and then I'll...
blue bird festival 2017

The Blue Bird Festival is Coming to Vienna!

Twelve singer-songwriters take the stage for Vienna’s best-known festival of its kindIntimate, emotional and atmospheric, singer-songwriters write and perform deeply personal, often melancholic tunes – the perfect soundtrack for lazy afternoons under a gray...