Claudia Paccosi

Claudia Paccosi is half Italian and half Austrian, studied in Rome and was a journalist for Storyful in Dublin. She loves to see almost everything under a poetic veil, that's why she moved to Vienna, where she can learn to dance Walzer and experience its cold snowy winter.

How to… Enjoy the Danube!

From sports on its shores to a Hugo on the canal, the Danube is much more than Vienna’s Riviera.
Riding clubs vienna

6 places to go Horseback Riding in and near Vienna

Vienna is a city that revels in its past. Over the centuries, the clatter of Fiaker plying their trade in the 1st district has never stopped and every Viennese knows how charming Empress Sissi looked riding sidesaddle through Laxenburg. With centuries of equestrian history, Austria’s capital still offers many possibilities for horseback riding in town […]
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How To … Live Like A Real Viennese

Start with eating, end with drinking – and take in the Gemütlichkeit on the way.Coming from a chaotic, colorful and noisy part of Italy, a little town close to Rome, makes Vienna feel like a seren...

Vienna’s Stages | The Magic behind the Curtains

Vienna’s biggest stages have plenty of secrets the audience never gets to see It’s remarkable how daunting, yet fascinating, a few old, chipped wooden boards dangerously inclined toward the audience can be. Crisscrossed with a mosaic of colored tape that indicates positions for props, actors and dancers, it’s baffling for the uninitiated but second nature […]
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How to… Visit a Factory in Vienna

See how Augarten porcelain is crafted, learn how to make chocolate pralines, and sample Schlumberger Sekt right at the source Walking through the Ottakringer brewery rooms wreathed in the rich smells...
Apartment Interior

How To Find the Perfect Home in Vienna

Whether you want to chill like a hipster or enjoy the green, there’s a place for you.

A Delightful Dinner by the Danube

The Marina Restaurant combines Austrian culinary variations and Mediterranean flavors with an unbeatable view and a refreshing breeze As the days grow longer and the nights warmer, Vienna residents traditionally flock to the water. There are dozens of cocktail bars and taverns serving snacks on the Donaukanal, and the Donauinsel has more than its fair […]
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How to… Learn to Cook Viennese

Pull your own Apfelstrudel dough, make a perfect Wiener Schnitzel – passionate chefs offer tasting tours and сourses. Maybe you’ve come to love Austrian specialties, ordering Frittatensuppe (clear ...
vienna library

How to use the Library System in Vienna

With countless books and manuscripts collected over centuries, Vienna has a lot to offer bookworms.There can be magic in a library: illuminated by the suffused glow of shaded lamps, entire wal...