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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Christopher Puhm

Harri Stojka

Harri Stojka is Celebrating his 60th Birthday and Isn’t Slowing Down Anytime Soon

Viennese music legend Harri Stojka looks ahead at 60There’s very little certainty in the life and career of an artist. Musical trends and creative triumphs come and go, and so do most musicians’ fortunes....

Vienna’s new Weltmuseum Takes you Around the World in 14 Rooms

The Weltmuseum revises our approach to ethnology while celebrating our diversityAs the world changes, so do our perspectives; nothing seems as archaic as yesterday’s attitudes. In our increasingly globalized world, this goes doubly for...
food restaurant rien

Rien, a Culinary Pop-Up Takes Over at Vienna’s Legendary Cafe Griensteidl

The pop-up restaurant Rien recaptures the intellectual and artistic spirit of the legendary Café GriensteidlEstablishments rise and fall in the gastronomic world, yet when a legendary institution goes under the aftershock lingers. It was...