Dardis McNamee

Dardis McNamee is the Editor in Chief of METROPOLE. Over a long career in journalism she has written for The New York Times, Conde Nast Traveler in New York, the Wall Street Journal Europe and Die Zeit in Vienna, as well as having been a speechwriter to two US ambassadors to Austria. She was awarded the 2007 Kemper Award for Excellence in Teaching for her work at the Department of Media Communications for Webster University Worldwide. In 2010, she was granted Austrian Citizenship of Honor (EhrenstaatsbĂĽrgerschaft) for outstanding contributions to the Austrian Republic

Finding Beethoven Part I | 4 Ways to Start the Anniversary Year

You have to hand it to the Austrians, goes the old joke: They've managed to pass Hitler off as a German while claiming Beethoven as their own! But come on! Let's be fair! At least as far as...

The Tell-Tale Note

Jottings from phone calls at a Vienna hotel key evidence in Trump Impeachment.
Vienna at night

Pro & Con | Winter 2019

The Still of the Night by Dardis McNamee Some come to Vienna wishing it were Rome or Madrid, bistro nights in Trestevere, or partying on the Barrio de Las Letras. Vienna’s so quiet. Where’s the action? The answer is, underground, or on the roof, in an old warehouse, or under the arches of the Stadtbahn. Or simply, inside. In […]
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The 42nd Street Waltz

Silvia Frieser and the Viennese Opera Ball in New York
pisa school

Relearning Excellence | A Post-PISA response

There was a time when the Vienna school system was among the most respected in Europe. Current PISA results are far from that
Ignatieff CEU

Michael Ignatieff | Academic Freedom Fighter

The Central European University finds a safe-haven in Vienna. Amid the optimism of the move its rector warns of the dangers of complacency  
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Complete Smoking Ban | In Defense of Choice

The Wirtschaftskammer’s, champion of separate smoking areas, still thinks this was the better way to go.

Peter Handke | A Revolution in Language

Criticized for his politics, the Austrian Nobel Laureate has been a transformative voice in 20th century literature.

Eric Pleskow | Of Films and Forgiveness

From Refugee to Hollywood to Guest of Honour.