Dardis McNamee

Dardis McNamee is the Editor in Chief of METROPOLE. Over a long career in journalism she has written for The New York Times, Conde Nast Traveler in New York, the Wall Street Journal Europe and Die Zeit in Vienna, as well as having been a speechwriter to two US ambassadors to Austria. She was awarded the 2007 Kemper Award for Excellence in Teaching for her work at the Department of Media Communications for Webster University Worldwide. In 2010, she was granted Austrian Citizenship of Honor (EhrenstaatsbĂĽrgerschaft) for outstanding contributions to the Austrian Republic

Heumarkt: Stopped for Now

Under pressure from Federal Culture Minister Gernot Blümel, Vienna’s controversial Heumarkt project was suddenly called off late Sunday (Mar 17), delayed for at least two years, pending further discus...

Gemischter Satz | Timothy Snyder’s Call to Action

As Europe and the US struggle in an age of confusion, historian and author Timothy Snyder looks to the past for the future of the West   On a pleasant evening in late October 2018, several dozen people filed into the meeting rooms of the famed Republikanischer Club, tucked on a side street behind the University […]
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Coffeehouse Diaspora

In A Rich Brew, Shachar Pinsker makes a convincing case for the role of cafĂ©s in fostering a golden age of Jewish culture In any guidebook about Vienna, the Kaffeehaus holds a place of honor, a sort of people’s club, open to all, where the rich exchange of friendship, creativity and ideas that became the […]
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Cover Story | Austrian Business knows no Bounds

  The old station building in the EstaciĂłn Central is still standing, but the tracks have already been torn up and the trains relocated.A single car tells the story of this station in Bolivia’s capital of La Paz, where travelers, laden with luggage, travel the country. Today, two cable car lines in operation connect the valley with towns in the hills, over 4,000 […]
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How To… Live Like A Real Viennese

Start with eating, end with drinking – and take in the Gemütlichkeit on the way Coming from a chaotic, colorful and noisy part of Italy, a little town close to Rome, makes Vienna feel like a serene...

Cover Story | The Power of Culture

How Austrians know who they are On November 18, the afternoon temperature suddenly dropped to an icy chill and the first flakes of snow began to fall. By evening in Vienna, there was a li...

Food & Drink | Let them Eat Schnitzel

Channeling imperial indulgence, Meissl & Schadn’s riding dinners are all about good taste – in both senses Close your eyes: Imagine, you’re in a horsedrawn Fiaker, dressed to the nines, leanin...

How to | Get the Hang of Wiener Schmäh

Schmäh may not be the first thing you notice when you arrive in Vienna. But it comes up soon enough In school, for example: My children were astonished to discover that copying from classmates (“das ...

Opinion | DĂ©jĂ  vu All Over Again

With the Neue Mittelschule, reformers tried one-size-fits-all – with dismal results. Education Minister Heinz Faßmann’s pragmatic approach deserves a chance As I listen to the latest round of policy ...