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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Dardis McNamee

Dardis McNamee is the Publisher and Editor at Large of METROPOLE Vienna in English.

Book Review: Theater of Modernity

With a fascinating cast of characters, Philipp Blom’s engaging history of  the inter-war years stages the glories and agonies of these troubled times. The legacy of World War I was one of disillusionment, even betrayal:...

Book Review: Taking the Waters

David Clay Large’s engaging history: The Grand Spas of Central Europe In a sense, David Clay Large took a lifetime to write The Grand Spas of Central Europe.  Even as a young academic he understood...

Cover Story: For the Sake of Art

Does culture still matter in a world where big money often defines value?On a Monday evening in mid-November, the narrow street in front of the Dorotheum was throbbing with activity, as a steady stream...

Editorial: The Price of Liberty

The Paris attacks make the return of border controls essential This essay was first written in the early hours following the six-attack night of horror in Paris. Much in the European fishbowl of terror alarms...
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The Many-Peopled Land

Can Vienna be enriched by the flood of migrants coming to Europe? History suggests that it will.Suddenly, Vienna has become the point city of the European migration crisis. As refugees poured in by the...