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Corruption Allegations Against EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn

The French newspaper "Liberation" raises serious allegations against Austria's EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn of the Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP).

Foreign Ministry Trying to Get Austrians Back From Africa

In view of the new coronavirus mutation Omikron, Austria is trying to get them around 200 registered Austrians who are currently on vacation in southern Africa back home.

Moscow Announced the First Meeting of Sergei Lavrov and Linhart

In an interview with the Russian state news agency RIA Novosti, Linhart said that he was looking forward to getting to know his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov personally.

Talks About Nuclear Inspections in Iran “Without Result”

Despite all efforts, the negotiations and talks about nuclear inspections were without result. Inspectors have not been given access to IAEA surveillance cameras and to a workshop for uranium centrifuges for months.

319 Femicides in Austria Within One Decade

New research says most victims know the perpetrators - and usually have family ties. Perpetrators need to be punished "with the full force of the law", stated Minister for Women's Affairs Susanne Raab.

Ali Gedik: The People’s Friend

Turkish-born Ali Gedik's social consciousness has led him to Verein Wiener Jugendzentren, Winterquartier and Volkshilfe.

Minister Elisabeth Köstinger Invites Neighbouring Countries to Tourism Talks

"We all want a safe winter season for our guests, so joint regulations between the involved countries are necessary and sensible", said Minister for Tourism Elisabeth Koestinger.

EU Economic Forecast Sees Upturn in Austria

The European Commission sees higher-than-expected GDP growth in Austria in 2021, but the impact of coming corona measures remains unclear.

Interior Minister Nehammer to Visit Israel

Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) is due to meet with Foreign Minister Yair Lapid in Jerusalem, with whom he will visit the Knesset.

The Bosnians of Vienna

Up to 40,000 Bosnians live in Vienna. We talked to some of them to learn what brought them here and what makes them feel at home.

Low Public Trust in Media After Advert Affair, Says Survey

A survey conducted by the Gallup institute and the Medienhaus Vienna found that public trust in media has plummeted following recent political scandals.

Forest Fires in Lower Austria May Take Until Next Week to Put Out

Forest fires on a mountainside in Lower Austria started last week and may not be extinguished until the weekend, despite continuous firefighting efforts and international support.

Climate Crisis Needs Global Solutions, Says Schallenberg

When speaking about the climate crisis at the UN Climate Conference in Glasgow, Alexander Schallenberg reminded everyone that we all need to act together.

NEOS Accuse The ÖVP of “Systemic Corruption”

The opposition NEOS party has accused the center-right Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) of "systemic corruption" following multiple scandals and the resignation of Sebastian Kurz as chancellor.

Van Der Bellen on Climate Change: “I Will Not Be Quiet”

President Van der Bellen spoke on the importance of fighting climate change in his traditional televised speech on Austrian National Day, October 26.

Austrian Foreign Minister Plans to Stay the Course

According to interviews with several daily newspapers Austria's new Foreign Minister Michael Linhart of center-right Austrian People's Party (ÖVP) plans continuity in Austrian foreign policy.

Schallenberg and Merkel: Close Cooperation Planned with Berlin

Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg and German Chancellor Angela Merkel had exchanged "in a friendly atmosphere" on topical issues with regard to the European Council this week.

Breathing New Life Into the Alcoholic Beverage Industry

With a gender pay gap of 19.9% in 2019, equality in the Austrian labour market seems like it’s still a long way off. But within the alcoholic beverage industry, these women are already reversing the trend.

“Red Box” Offers Free Tampons and Pads

Hit by "period poverty"? The Vienna pilot project "Red Box" seeks to offset the financial burden of menstrual hygiene on poor people.

Porr Fined 62 Million Euros, Highest Cartel Fine in History

The Austrian federal competition authority (BWB) has fined the Austrian construction giant, Porr, 62.35 million euros over cartel violations.

Unemployment in Austria Is Back on the Rise

The Austrian Ministry of labor has again recorded a slight increase in unemployment rates due to a high number of job training participants.

Vaccine Skeptics Join Upper Austrian Parliament

In the preliminary final results on Monday morning, the vaccine skeptics were set to join the Upper Austrian parliament with seven percent, while the...

Austria Confirms Talks on Iran Nuclear Deal in Vienna

Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg (ÖVP) confirmed this week that Vienna would soon be hosting talks with Iran to revive the nuclear agreement of 2015.

Nuclear Power Not Sustainable, Says Gewessler in EU Dispute

Climate Minister Leonore Gewessler has presented a legal report stating that nuclear power must not be ranked as green and sustainable energy in the EU.

EU Infringement Proceedings Against Austria Over Terrorism

The EU guidelines on combating terrorism have punishments and sanctions for terrorism-related crimes as well as special regulations for victims. Aside from Austria, the EU Commission was also suing Finland, Croatia, and Luxembourg.

Kurz Welcomes US Commitment to Multilateralism

After US president Joe Biden's speech at the UN General Debatein New York on Tuesday, Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP), says he is pleased that the "US has made a clear commitment to multilateralism".

Ski Jumper Gregor Schlierenzauer Ends Career

53 times World Cup record winner Gregor Schlierenzauer is ending his ski jumping career, announced the the 31-year-old Tyrolean on his own online blog on Tuesday.

First Ischgl Lawsuit for COVID-19 Damages Filed

More than a year after the Ischgl outbreak the first lawsuit was brought before the civil court last Friday. The widow and son of a 72-year-old jo...

ORF Bosses – 13 New Directors at the Austrian Public Broadcaster

Under the designated ORF general director Roland Weissmann, ORF III managing director Eva Schindlauer will be the new finance director, ORF III chief...

Clumsy Start to the School Year Angers Teachers and Parents

The corona pandemic continues to make itself felt keenly in schools. Problems with corona tests, hard-to-reach healthcare authorities, and poor communication with parents led to a rocky start of the new school year.

Kurz Wants to Support Italy in Tightening External European Borders

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) stands by his declared tough line on immigration, while Austria has in fact welcomed more refugees than almost any other European country in the last 10 years. Civil initiatives and the opposition see much room for improvement when it comes to the government’s migration and integration policy.

Herz Fest – An International Block Party

A huge thank you to all 500 (!) attendees of Herz Fest the biggest International Block Party in town. On September 10, we celebrated the award-wi...

On the Trail of the Ottoman-Turks in Vienna

When touring Vienna’s Altstadt, it's enough to lift your head just a little to see the cannonballs catapulted over the city walls by the Ottomans centuries ago. And there are other ancient secrets in store.

Word of the Week: Rauschkind [ʁaʊ̯ʃkɪnt]

What's a "Rauschkind"? Learn about the term's connection to alcohol with its side effects, and a medically dubious Austrian old wives’ tale,

Our Top 5 Picks to Stream in Summer

As the pandemic winds down and television production ramps up, this summer sees a cavalcade of quality programming, including the return of an animated icon, a long-awaited spinoff of a beloved Marvel antihero, a star-studded musical parody, the next chapter in a hit French series and a Canadian cult comedy coming to Austrian streaming services.

“We Ain’t There”: The New Russian-Designed Technique of Hybrid Warfare.

Russian aggression against Ukraine has recently entered its eighth year. Over 13 thousand people have been killed and 30 thousand have been wounded, in addition to over two million people displaced, their homes and infrastructure destroyed.

Word of the Week: Radler [ˈʁaːdlɐ]

What does Radler mean? Where does the word come from? What connects lemonade and a lack of beer to a German innkeeper and Austrian cycling?

Word of the Week: wuzeln [ˈvuːt͡sl̩n]

Twisting, turning, rolling: "wuzeln" has to do a lot with kinetics. Find out what it means and for which activities you can use the term.