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Weird News: June 2018

FOREIGN DOGS, KEEP OUT! Gottfried Waldhäusl, FPÖ state councilor for Lower Austria, expressed concerns over dogs with a migrant background while discussing security policies. “I am glad the FPÖ finally found its core competence: the...

Slovenia: On the Crossroads of Europe

From snowy peaks to frothing waves, for the Slovenes, transition is a state of beingby Faris Kočan & Kaja PrimoracThe Republic of Slovenia is one of the youngest countries in Europe, but like its...
Putin visits Orban

Putin & the Wolf: An Interview with the Kreml Boss

Ahead of his state visit to Austria on June 5, the first since his reelection, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave ORF news anchorman Armin Wolf an exclusive interview.Over 52 minutes, the exchange tackled a...

The Pope is a Rapidler and Other Weird News

POPE FRANCIS IS NOW A LIFE-TIME MEMBER OF VIENNA’S SK RAPID WIEN FOOTBALL CLUBWhen in Rome, do as the Romans do – that’s what the players of Rapid Wien might have thought when the...

8 Things To Do In Hungary

Wedged between the peaks of the Carpathian Mountains and the rivers Tisza and Danube, Hungary is a land of wide plains, spicy paprika and fiery music.Compiled by Anastasia Gromontova & Benjamin Wolf1. TAKE A...
from our readers november 2017

The Difference Between Austria and Australia & Other Reader Feedback

In response to “A Taster’s Tour” MET 27, May 2018TO THE EDITOR,Your article on Austrian wines certainly caught my attention. Not only do I love my wine, but there is some personal history involved....