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Stories are what make a city great. METROPOLE tells Vienna’s in English. Whether it’s insights about personalities, businesses or ideas, METROPOLE curates them for an international public. Looking to enrich your experience here? METROPOLE recommends events and locations to help make your Vienna story worth the telling.
innovation Vienna

May 2016

An Incubator for Innovation | How Vienna Can Make Great Ideas Bigger Faster
international families

April 2016

Innocents Abroad | International Families and 3rd Culture Kids
money Austria

March 2016

Uncertain Times | Austrians, Money and the Road Ahead

February 2016

Precious Privacy | How Our Data, Choices and Personal Lives Are More Valuable Than Ever
art money value

December/January 2015/2016

Art & Money | Does Price Define Value?
sharing economy

November 2015

Life on Demand | The Joys and Woes of the Sharing Economy
international Vienna

October 2015

We Built This City | The Story Behind International Vienna