Doris Neubauer

Writer, Networker, Traveler and above all, someone with itchy feet: After nine years in Marketing and Communications, Doris has worked as a journalist while traveling the world since 2011. Her interest fields are responsible travel, alternative businesses, sports, nutrition and health. Most of all though, she loves to be inspired by people who follow their hearts.

Top seven Vienna bars for non-smokers

To breathe or not to breathe – that is the question for Vienna’s bar hoppers. The city’s watering holes are a traditional bastion for one of Austria’s unhealthier pastimes – and will remain so for some time yet, as the government’s recent decision to ban smoking from restaurants and indoor areas only takes effect in […]
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Vienna’s five best places to cure a hangover

The trouble with partying like there’s no tomorrow is that tomorrow always rears its ugly head. Even the most enchanting evening becomes a vague blur ...

Seven excuses when caught without a ticket on public transport

Nothing in life is certain except death, taxes and eventually hearing the words “Fahrscheine bitteee!” (Tickets, please!) while travelling on Vienna’s...