Elisabeth Kling

a monster calls

Ready to Explore the Monsters in Dark Places | A Monster Calls

A visually stunning film about the fundamental truths of life and the monsters lurking in the dark places.An adaptation of Patrick Ness’ award-­winning dark fantasy novel of the same name, A M...
vienna's coworking spaces

Vienna’s Coworking Spaces

The number of coworking spaces in Vienna is growing. Is sharing an office with strangers the new normal? In 2017 more than a million people will choose a shared working space over home-office isolati...
On the Menu

A Slice of Napoli at Via Toledo

The new Neapolitan-style pizzeria Via Toledo entices with a Valoriani oven and lots of southern cordialityVienna has its fair share of ristorante italiani, particularly in the 8th district, wher...
robot worker

I, Robot Worker

We all fear that our jobs will eventually be automated. But cheer up! Where one job dies, another rises from the ashesImagine a world where writers have vanished. Editorial departments, the plac...
keep learning

Keep Learning

We can’t stop ourselves from learning, so why not do it on purpose?Human beings never stop learning. Not only are we able to keep up with our ever-changing world, but b...
Amazone Echo

Alexa, Can You Hear Me?

The first home automation hub, Amazon Echo raises lots of questions about how much we want to depend on artificial intelligenceEntering our living room six weeks ago, I found my tech-savvy husba...