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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Ellie Reeves

Vienna's Best second-hand shops

Sustainable Shopping: Vienna’s Best Second-hand Shops

Live – and dress – in the past. Often underappreciated when it comes to fashion, Vienna has found it somewhat difficult to stand out from the crowd and be noticed, perennially living in the shadows...
vienna coffee house

Viennese coffee house personalities: Where do you belong?

Unsurprisingly for the city that introduced the beverage to the west, Vienna boasts a distinct coffee culture, epitomized by the Wiener Kaffeehaus, those bastions where locals socialize and read the paper for hours –...
may day

Raise the Red Flag – How the Viennese celebrate May Day

May Day is fast approaching, and if you haven't yet experienced the “Tag der Arbeit” (Labor Day) in Vienna, then brace yourself for a day of festivities to celebrate equality, justice and Socialism in Austria. What is the...