Fausia S. Abdul

Fausia S. Abdul lives in Vienna and is a marketing manager, writer and translator who holds several degrees and has worked for companies and organizations such as Fairfood International and the Egyptian Tourism Authority. She speaks and writes in six different languages and is currently working on a book.

“Hello Grief and Welcome”

South-African Liani Drury (49) is a mom, an artist, a university lecturer, a seamstress, a coach, and a citizen of Vienna. Above all, she is a grief counsellor who overcame her own loss through a journey of healing and hope.

7 Restaurants to Have Iftar This Ramadan

Today marks the beginning of Eid al-Fitr or Festival of Breaking the Fast, concluding a month of fasting for Muslims keeping the Ramadan. We’ve compiled a list of sweet spots in the city for you to celebrate the Sugar Feast.

Of Lights & Hearts

Energy is today at the center of the public debate about poverty and development. A Vienna-based international organization helped put it on the map

Tanks a Lot

Military convoys carrying thousands of soldiers will be crossing Austria on their way to join U.S.-led exercises in the Balkans – but traffic precautions are in place.

Three Mouth-Watering Eid Menus Served

No time to cook? Here are some restaurants serving up Eid meals – worth a look, whether or not you’re concluding the fasting period of Ramadan. 

5 Shows to Take Your Mind Off the Loss of Game of Thrones

Every day, new TV series pop up and disappear – most we will never remember. Every once in a while, though, a show like Game of Thrones (GoT) comes ar...

AUA Heist in Tirana

A well-organized caper at the airport of the Albanian capital raises questions of Austria’s possible role in international money laundering. For th...

Integrating the Vienna Police

A new initiative hopes to bring in more officers with an international background, who are at ease with the intercultural population of the city today...