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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Gregory Weeks

Dr. Gregory Weeks is the Founder of HSI, The Human Security Initiative in Vienna, Austria. The Human Security Initiative is an academic platform for research and publication on the concept of Human Security. It touches on the main aspects of Human Security with articles published by students and scholars of International Relations.
Military Diplomacy

Best of Allies, Worst of Friends: Tim Hadley’s Military Diplomacy in the Dual Alliance

Tim Hadley details just how much the German General Staff knew about the weaknesses of the Austrian-Hungarian army Until German unification in 1871, Austria-Hungary and the German states had been in near-constant conflict. Hopes for...
Elisabeth Waldheim

Elisabeth Waldheim’s Legacy and Rebuilding Austria’s National Reputation

Laying to rest a companion to controversy in Austria’s struggle with its national socialist past. As Elisabeth Waldheim was laid to rest in the presidential crypt in front of St. Karl Borromäus Church in Vienna’s...
Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany

Books | The Third Reich on Drugs

In Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany, Norman Ohler shows how methamphetamines made the German Blitzkrieg possible As German Panzers overran France in the summer of 1940, their drive and endurance astonished Winston Churchill, who wrote...

Books: Cultural Geotagging

Doing business with people from different cultural backgrounds can be tricky. Understanding them is the first step to making it work There is an old adage that the British and Americans are two peoples separated...

Viennese Whisky Has Come of Age

The Waters of Life from the Danube Austria has not been known as a whisky land, but that is slowly beginning to change. In a beautiful wine cellar in Vienna’s 18th District, brandy distiller Aco Nijemcevic...
How to... Fund your startup

How to…Fund Your Startup

Navigating your startup safely through Austria’s bureaucracy is tricky. Fortunately, a multitude of subsidies can give you a strong tailwind Bureaucracy is a high art in Austria. Imported, no doubt, with the “red tape” that...
Eric Weiner

Book Review: Mapping Genius

Eric Weiner traces how time, place, background and clutter figure into the settings where genius is born. What happens when former National Public Radio correspondent and journalist Eric Weiner sets out to determine how and...

Cover Story: Banking on the Long Run

What Austria’s turbulent past tells us about the current economic and financial crisis In 2012, ratings agency Standard & Poor’s lowered Austria’s overall credit rating to AA+, citing “significant weaknesses” in the country’s financial system.  The...

Book Review: Everything Austrian, Statistically and Graphically

  Few questions are left unanswered in the pictograms and statistics collected in these two volumes.The second, on Vienna, was just published in 2015 and will give you the inside advantage on local trivia Did you know...