Gregory Manni

Gregory Manni grew up between Detroit’s suburban sprawl and Lake Michigan’s shoreline, and has since become a disciple of ecology, poetry, and story. He moved to Austria in 2021 to see about a girl, and his current aim is beating back climate change through the act of writing. He tweets at @gregory_manni.

Update: Austria’s Travel Restrictions Under Nationwide Lockdown

Planning a trip to Austria for the holiday season? While borders are still open during the nationwide lockdown and travel from most countries is possible, tourism is effectively closed under current regulations.

COP26 Roundup: Austria’s Climate Commitments at the UN Summit

Austria's climate commitments, while significant, do not include a phasing out of fossil fuels. Activists say much more is needed to keep global heating in check.

Environmental Corruption in Styria: State Prosecutors to Investigate

Styrian authorities face allegations of environmental corruption: The businesses behind large-scale construction projects may have been allowed to write their own environmental impact reports.

Austria To Launch Plastic Bottle Deposit System in 2025

The new "Einwegpfand" deposit system aims to encourage consumers to keep their disposable plastic bottles and cans out of the trash - but it won't begin until 2025.

Ludovic Ferrière, Vienna’s Interplanetary Explorer

International scientist and curator of the acclaimed meteorite collection at Vienna's Natural History Museum, Ludovic Ferrière is bringing the wonder of shooting stars to the public.

Visitor from Space: Kindberg Meteorite Found

A meteorite was found in Styria eight months after a green fireball descended over Austria. One of only eight-such discoveries for the country, the find will be displayed at Vienna’s Natural History Museum.

Austria Set to Issue Green Bonds in 2022

A new form of investment intended to bankroll sustainable projects and help the country meet its environmental goals, projects are myriad – but international standards remain murky.