Helena McFadzean

With a background in philosophy and art history, Helena is currently an editorial intern at Metropole while completing her MA in Critical Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. She enjoys writing dynamic stories in which disciplines, people and cultures meet. You can usually find her experimenting with sourdough recipes, visiting exhibitions or shooting film over at @honourrolll.

Food News: January 2022

Recently Opened Champa Modern Vietnamese cuisine meets local ingredients at this hidden gem out in Atzgersdorf, with fresh and aromatic dishes ...

The Flavor Fraternity

“If there’s anything indispensable in this kitchen, it’s butter”, insists a tracksuit-wearing Lucas Steindorfer, chef de cuisine of the celebrated ba...

Culinary Current Affairs

At Heuer am Karlsplatz, chef Markus Höller keeps things playful and strictly contemporary, in this casual-yet-stylish after-work favorite.