Julia Zimmerman

Julia hails from sunny California, USA. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Music, she moved to Vienna with the dream of experiencing life in a foreign country. It may have started out as a experimental adventure, but slowly Vienna has become her home. Julia is now pursuing her Masters degree in International Relations. She is passionate about equality, good food, and public transportation.
Restaurant Ludwig Van

Dining with Mamsell at Ludwig van

Ludwig van interprets culinary classics while adding new notes under the auspicious roof of one of Beethoven’s former dwellingsFinding Ludwig van is easy: Beethoven’s face scowls from a block aw...
blue mustard

Four-Course Travelogue

Dine and drink your way around the globe at Blue Mustard.A self-proclaimed resto-bar (a pastiche of restaurant and bar), Blue Mustard joined Vienna’s first-district nightlife scene in July, prom...
Dead End

10 Pitfalls to Avoid When Moving to Vienna

Moving to a new city can be daunting, so we’ve assembled some words from the wise to help you avoid potential screw-ups and face-palms of nesting in the Austrian capital   1. Getting stuck in the expat bubble With its thriving international scene, Vienna has an abundance of clubs and Facebook groups for sorts of […]
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gluten free

A Guide to Gluten-Free Vienna

I got sick and tired of constantly asking Viennese waiters, “Is this gluten-free?” So I put together this gourmet’s guide to worry-free, gluten-free Vienna Schnitzel, dumplings, and vitrines teaming with tempting pastries are omnipresent in Vienna; however, it can be hard to enjoy the local cuisine when one suffers from a food allergy, sensitivity or […]
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